I personally wouldn’t say I’m that fashionable. I would however say that after many years of getting it horribly wrong, my own personal style has matured and evolved to a place where I’m relatively happy. I say that now but no doubt I’ll look back at photos in a decade’s time and be horrified. Day-to-day I dress pretty ‘samey’ but there are some days where I feel a lot more confident in a particular outfit or there are days where I get a few random compliments on my outfit choice of that day and I won’t lie, I get pretty chuffed about it and store it away in my ‘make sure to outfit repeat’ file.

Fashion is a funny thing and what I love most about it is that it can mean something completely different to so many people. Tastes change all the time, as does what’s ‘in’ and popular so I try and avoid getting too ‘craze crazy’ because it can just be exhausting as well as very spendy. As I said, I tend to stick to pieces that work for my everyday style but I do like to switch it up every once in a while with a new item which’ll shake things up a bit.







In the age of smartphones, blogs and social media, there is an endless supply of fashion inspiration at your fingertips but what people forget, is that inspiration is honestly EVERYWHERE. The girl on the tube next to you who's rockin’ a fab pair of shoes, the blogger you follow on Instagram who gives you major wardrobe envy, the TV presenter wearing the jazzy blazer… you get my gist, it’s all around. Over the years I have consistently gained fashion inspiration and ideas from a variety of sources and I thought I’d share them with you:


This is probably the most obvious, but honestly, one of the places I sometimes overlook. The royalty of the fashion magazine world like Vogue, Elle & Marie Clarie are my biggest form of high-end fashion inspo but I also rely on cheaper alternatives like Glamour, FASHION and Stylist for more realistic fashion options (for my budget that is!)

I feel the same way about e-books vs books as I do about blogs vs magazines; there's just something so stimulating - and satisfying - about flicking through the actual pages of a proper glossy magazine. I've spent sooo many hours lying on my bed / travelling on the train / chilling in the bath flicking through, marking pages, mentally noting outfits I'd want to recreate and just generally submerging myself in the newest styles and trends.


Instagram and Pinterest have become one of the most accessible ways of gaining fashion inspiration and both are such treasure troves for outfit ideas. I spend so much time trawling through Instagram and Pinterest taking mental logs of outfits I love and alternative ways of styling. 

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I've made sure to follow my favourite celebs and fashion bloggers on Instagram so my feed is forever filled with the most swoon worthy of images (those darn people are putting me to shame ha!) It's my go-to because in just one scroll I can come across so many different styles and trends. I also love that a lot of fashion bloggers tag the items they're wearing so I know I'm just a click away from adding those items into my basket... 

Pinterest is a new love of mine and it's majorly addictive. It was made so that women (and men) like me could spend hours and hours trawling through, ogling away at beautiful things; interiors, food and of course, fashion. Pinterest is such a great option for gaining inspiration quickly because everything is confined to just one place!


There are so many fashion bloggers in the space right now, and therefore finding a few that really represent your own style and fashion loves, shouldn't be too difficult. Fashion bloggers are now an accepted part of the fashion establishment, seen in the front rows of major fashion shows, landing prominent ad campaigns and even starring on magazine covers.

All of the above means that the blogs themselves have evolved so much over the past few years and most are very glamorous and editorial these days. I follow some lovely ladies and spend a certain amount of time each day looking through their content and feeling inspired by how they style particular pieces. 

The other fabulous thing about bloggers is that often a lot of them are connected to brands so you can often find them wearing items that haven't even hit the shops just yet which gives you more than enough time to hunt that item down when it does...

My favourite fashion bloggers are: Sincerely JulesSamantha MariaWhat Olivia DidHannah GaleWish Wish Wish & We Are Twinset.


Among the hustle and bustle of shopping, I always look out for how manikins have been styled in shops because stylists will often pair pieces with items I never would’ve questioned considering. I feel like this is something people often overlook or don't notice... but pay attention ladies!

Shops make it so easy for us to shop their collections, dressing mannequins in full outfits or placing outfit styles together on the rails for our convenience. They have done the research for us, so all we have to do is be inspired and y'know... purchase. Just by wandering around, it’s so easy to stumble across new cuts, fabrics and colour ways that perhaps you hadn’t spotted previously.

And then of course you’re then trying to figure out how those pieces will work their way into your current wardrobe. Hello shopping bags.


I double take so many women (and men, naturally) in the street because I’m in awe of their outfits. Especially living in London, there are so many fashionable people roaming the streets so I make sure to keep my eyes open. It's also so interesting to see how varied the fashion is in different parts of the city; edgy and cool vibes in Shoreditch are miles apart from the sleek, tailored looks that you'll find in Chelsea for example.

If I’m ever bored of the more ‘mainstream’ fashion options, I make sure to fall back on street style as inspiration because in my opinion, it’s the best way of self-expression and gives me the opportunity to explore and draw inspiration from more unusual or unique fashions.


So there we go, there's an insight into where I get some of my fashion inspiration. 

Where do YOU get your fashion inspiration?