With it being International Women's Day on Thursday, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to talk about the women who continue to inspire, motivate and drive me forward. I stand - sit - here at the age of 25 in a position that at one point, I deemed impossible; I'm fairly financially stable, in a happy relationship and am self-employed in a job that I'm incredibly passionate about. When I take a step back to evaluate how all of that came to fruition, there's a handful of people that I know had a huge influence on my now reality.


You know those really tacky mugs - no offence - that have 'my mum's a superwoman' branded on them? Well, I genuinely think that my mum is and I know you'll probably eye-roll at that because it's such a cliche thing to say but it's actually true. I don't know any other woman in my life that have the ability to juggle as much as my mum can. She has this really inspiring knack of just getting on with life and no matter what obstacles come along, she just trudges on. I'm sure she won't mind me saying but after a divorce, raising two children single handedly, another breakup that was almost as messy as a divorce and a handful of career changes, she continues to prove that she can work through it all and does so exceptionally well. She will forever be my biggest inspiration. YOU GO MUM!


Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton (The Anna Edit) are two bloggers / influencers that I've followed for many, many years. They were one of my first introductions to Youtube and from there, I went on to read both of their blogs religiously. Sure, there are other influencers out there with more following but I don't know two other people who are so true to themselves; they're the most down-to-earth girls who are confident in what they have to offer to the online community. Without them, I genuinely don't know if I would've plucked up the courage to pursue my own blogging journey. Plus, as self-confessed "boring" dressers, they make me feel okay on the days where I just want to wear blue jeans and a black jumper. A big ol' hallelujiah to that. 



Without Toni Morrison's literature, I don't know if I'd be a writer. Toni Morrison taught me two priceless lessons; I can always make time to write and most importantly, to never give up. As a single mum with 2 children, Morrison wrote her first novel, The Bluest Eye (if you haven't read it, make sure you do), in 15-minute increments each day because that’s all the free time she had. It took her 5 years to write it and despite her novel's low sales, she continued to write and thankfully so because she produced some monumental novels that have helped shape literature and in 1987, 17 years after publishing her first novel, she won the Pulitzer. Morrison followed her passion and in time, reaped the rewards. I'll continue to do the same.



When people ask me which celebrity I'd love to have round for dinner, my automatic don't-even-need-to-think response is forever Joanna Lumley. Not only do I adore her infamous alter-ego Patsy Stone from the beloved Absolutely Fabulous, I truly admire that Joanna Lumley doesn't let that character define her. She's used her household name - and voice - to do better; she's a human rights activist, supports a multitude of charities and animal welfare groups, all whilst still smashing a TV and film career at the age of 71!



Just go with me with this one...

June 6, 1998 was the day that SATC hit our screens and I owe a lot of this to HBO's landmark raunchy-yet-touching comedy (which I discovered whilst my flatmate and I binge-watched at University) as it was the unofficial life guide that I used to help me navigate through my late teens / early twenties. Carrie helped to inspire me in many ways, not only did she open up my eyes further to a career in Journalism, she taught me how to tackle the frustrations that come with falling in love with a person who's not your forever, she taught me the importance of staying loyal to your closest and also she taught me to experiment with clothing. Although I'm not as bold, Carrie taught me to wear whatever I want without fear of judgement.



I also have many close female friends who have been there to pour me a glass of wine after a long day, who have held me whilst I cried over ex-boyfriends and who continue to be some of my biggest supporters throughout it all. You know who you are, I love you and you inspire me to be just as compassionate.