Sadly, mine is a body type that I don’t see represented enough. Slim is a body type that we are screamingly familiar with - slim is the latest Bond girl, the billboard model, even the mannequin in every high-street store. While the plus size movement has been instrumental in galvanising the conversation around body positivity (hats off to y’all!), the media tends to neglect the millions of women that fit within the gaping chasm that separates these two ends of the spectrum.

Essentially, I’m not thin, I’m not fat - I’m that ‘in the middle, still working off that Christmas bingeing' size.

As a society, we are so patently obsessed with our appearance that it’s so easy to fall into a pernickety spiral of comparison, self-loathing and self-sabotage. For the past few years, I’ve been in a limbo category where I’ve not wanted to gain extra weight, but I also haven’t wanted to cut my calorie intake in half in order to magically pop out those mythical abs that have been hiding under a bit of blubber.


This state of constant confusion has been obviously heightened by being a blogger. Not only have I been subject to seeing my body in all angles, flattering, unflattering and everything in-between, but the majority of my fellow bloggers are the typical 6-8 ‘I can eat whatever I want and still wear this crop top’ size, which opens up so many opportunities to critically examine the differences.

Not only that, but the brands that have been keen to work with me thus far, have often been very “thin friendly” - I’m always very open to working with a variety of brands, but I’ll tell you now that suggesting I promote a top that barely covers my areola and short shorts that should only be worn by children, are not my jam.


Now, you’ll understand my sheer relief when Simply Be said they’d like to collaborate with me to showcase their amazing denim collection - finally, a brand that will really understand what will work for me and my body. I’ve only ever heard amazing things about Simply Be, they offer a huge variety of clothing items to suit everyones personal styles and needs - I found some real crackers on their website that I’ve been wearing non-stop recently.

But, like I said, I’m here to specifically talk about their current denim collection. What I love most is that among their selection, they literally have something for everyone. They’ve got the more classic styles, but also some more trend led options (e.g. this fabulous leopard print denim jacket) to spice up your wardrobe too - all made with curves in mind.

I must admit, I was still slightly skeptical, not because of the brand or any connotations it has, but because for me, denim - especially blue denim - is a touchy subject. For many, they're a wardrobe staple but for years and years, I genuinely had slight anxiety toward even the thought of wearing them. I'd walk straight past them in the shops, heading straight toward the plain, safe, black iterations. Black jeans made me feel secure, invisible and most importantly, slimmer.

However, Simply Be have revolutionised my denim wardrobe - they kindly gifted me this super versatile Denim Belted Shirt Dress, as well as these Slim Leg Jeans and I’ve genuinely never felt more confident in a pair of jeans before. The shade is super flattering in that Goldilocks not too dark, not too light, kind of way. They fit incredibly well, are high-waisted enough to pull me in but have enough stretch to not dig in. I’m so so happy with them.

To say that I now have complete confidence in my body is a lie. Of course I have days where I turn my head to the side whilst I mimic conversations in the mirror, trying to judge just how large my double chin is when I laugh.

But, out of all of the cliché, 20-something personal journey of discovery - do you know what the most pure result has been? I’ve worn blue denim three days in a row. For you, that may seem laughable, but for me, it’s a triumph. Thank you thank you thank you Simply Be.


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