Long time, no write. 

First, I must apologise for my lack of posting on here for the past month or so. Life has been a little bit mental recently - good and bad - and just when I thought I was juggling life quite well, it turns out I wasn't haha. 

The one criticism I have about being self-employed is the "self" part. When things start to become overwhelming or if there's too much work to juggle or when you catch a dreaded 10 day cold... well, it all falls quite heavy on your shoulders. There's no annual leave, there's no compassionate leave, there's nobody to pick up the phone for you when you're on the loo - nada. That can be tough sometimes. And although I'm very lucky to have supportive friends and family, and a loving boyfriend, sometimes that's just not enough to get you through.

Sometimes you just need to prioritise what is a necessity.

Without really realising, a week had gone by without me posting on here, and then a further week and now, here we are. Although I've been absent on here, I, unfortunately, haven't been slobbing out in my loungewear watching re-runs of Friends, I've still been living the life of a blogger - I've got some very exciting projects coming up this month and so there's been lots of back and forth with brands, lots of photography sessions etc to make sure everything goes ahead as per the schedule. 

In short, I can't wait to share some exciting stuff with you soon. I'm going to try and get back to regular posting in due course, but until my next post, make sure you're keeping up with my general bits and bobs on Instagram.

Loads of love! 


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