We're amidst a heatwave and things are seriously hottin' up here in the UK! Although the positives of this glorious weather outweighs the negatives; longer days, BBQ's and countless jugs of Pimm's - it also comes with a side of clamminess, unbearable, sweaty commutes and all round agitation that I don't have a pool at my convenience every second of the day. 

Flick through any fashion magazine and you'll be greeted with many a model who can pull off the whole 'this is just sheen, not sweat' look - granted, that's probably taken a makeup artist two hours to create but heck, I ain't no supermodel and I sadly don't have a makeup artist. 

With the latter in mind, I'm having to make do... and outfit choices are having to be quite seriously considered in order to maintain a level of chic-ness. My summer dresses are finally getting an airing which is a good job, as I have quite a few crammed into my wardrobe. Dress them up, dress them down, you're good to go. You're not having to faff around with matching this to that, you can just slip it on and head out the door. I wish it was actually that easy but y'know what I mean. But when I am feeling a bit more adventurous, and have the energy to actually - think - through the exhausting heat (I exaggerate only slightly), I'm really loving me a midi/maxi skirt at the moment.

In short, I'm all for easy, floaty and breathable pieces because let's keep it real - if I don't even want my boyfriend stuck to me in this heat, there's no way I'm going to want to put on a skin tight dress. Sorry Joe, I still love you.

No matter the occasion; family BBQ, summer wedding or even just a day frolicking at the beach, here are some of the pieces that are ticklin' my fancy at the moment...