As you'd probably expect, there's only a very small part of my life that you, as my readers, get to read and see across my platforms. Seems silly but it recently hit me that - for some mad reason - you're all here for me. Whether it's to see what I've been buying, where I've been going or what my opinion is on this or that. Although I regularly check my engagement and am blown away by how many of you are genuinely interested, I feel like I never really give you the opportunity for you to get to know more about me properly. Not @jcjlifestyle, but Jasmine - the girl behind the photo / words. 

With that in mind, I've decided to start a monthly roundup post where I discuss what I've been up to that month, whether it's cool things I've done with friends or even fun events I've been lucky to attend, but also, things I've been loving. That way you can have a bit more insight into my day-to-day life, rather than just the carefully chosen snaps that I put up on my Instagram. So yeah, as we approach the end of June, let's kick it off! P.S. Sorry to sound like an old lady but seriously, where the f**k is the year going?!


June has been a bit of a whirlwind month for me because, for a part of it, I wasn't very well. I won't go into it too much but I had to have a small operation that took me out of action for a few days. Silver lining: there was a lot of Netflix watching and comfort eating haha. Despite that, I've still managed to have a really, really fun month and am definitely on the mend! Here are some highlights (in time order):

- I kicked off the month getting to hang out with fellow bloggers, Anni & Nikita, who were both just so blimmin' lovely. Such down-to-earth, genuine girls and it was a real pleasure getting to spend an afternoon with them!

- Kelsey & I were lucky enough to go check out the new collection by ELF Cosmetics. They held a really fun evening, filled with food, denim jacket decorating and of course, lots of makeup and beauty.

- I launched a new series on the blog called "Let's Hang Out In" - a kind of insiders guide to parts of London - and it went down a storm. There's a lot of time and effort that goes into creating travel pieces, but it was so worth it and without blowing my own trumpet too much, I'm really proud of the outcome. Stay tuned for the next instalment...

- I got to work with two new photographers this month, Lucy and Zoe, both are VERY talented and I'm so happy with the photos. Thanks gals!

- I somehow managed to rope my boyfriend, Joe, into doing the 'bean-boozled' challenge which was friggin' hilarious. I got pretty lucky and only got a few bad ones, but he on the other hand... well, just watch the video here to see how he handled it ha #princess

- I got to attend a lovely dinner with my fellow Creative Gal Gang ladies at Aubaine in Mayfair. The dinner was delicious, but the company was even better. We chatted about all things blogging - as well as, naturally, some Love Island - and although I've created some really great friendships in the group already, it was really nice to meet some new girls.

- This might seem a bit silly to some but for me, I feel like I had a real self-image breakthrough this month. I got sent a swimming costume from Leonara and decided to pop a few photos of me wearing it on my Instagram stories - six months ago, this never would've happened but everyone was so complimentary. Bless you!

- It's peony season so I bought myself a big ol' bunch. Expensive but oh so worth it.

- I went to see Taylor Swift with one of my best friends and my god, she was incredible!!! Like mind-blowingly good. And then Robbie Williams showed up and my mind was blown even more #fangirlingtothemax haha



on repeat, sorry Joe...

2002 - Anne Marie

Sober - Mahalia

Havana - Camila Cabella

Honey - Kehlani

Flames - David Guetta, Sia