Spring / Summer signifies many things; (hopefully) warmer days, excessive ice creams, BBQs and of course, occasions. There's just something about the nice weather that makes people want to celebrate. Summer garden parties, weddings and of course, the fanciest of them all, Royal Ascot hospitality. Unless that is, you were one of the lucky few who managed to get an invite to the Royal wedding... however I shan't flatter myself into thinking that you're the kind of people who read my blog ha!

Choosing an outfit for such an important event is one of the most high-pressure wardrobe situations a fashion fanatic will find themselves in all year. Who will be there? Will you be caught off-guard in a candid snap? What about the pictures that last forever and ever in everyone's photo albums? And then there's what you really want to opt for, in your heart of hearts. Lace? Pastels? Florals? Designer? High street? So many options. 

As you’ll know if you follow me on Instagram, throughout the winter months, I’m all about a classic jeans and t-shirt combo. Simple but effective. But as soon as a glimmer of sun comes out - and with the pimms at the ready - I’m all for a floaty summer dress! That’s why when it comes to occasion wear, a dress and heels is always a winner in my eyes. However, I won’t lie, I’m gearing up toward being brave enough to try rocking a pastel suit. Stay tuned people, stay tuned.

Well, call off the search and sit back with a cuppa because I've got you covered for every possible church, racecourse, location and vibe to come in 2018.



I’ve actually got a good friends wedding coming up very soon so I think I’ll be having to choose between one of the dresses to wear! I hope you enjoyed my little roundup!