Despite the saying, when it comes to jewellery, less is not more. I've never been the type of woman to hoard designer bags or Louboutins, but jewellery - I genuinely can't get enough of the stuff. Over the years, I've dabbled in all of the trends; dangly earrings, hoops, chokers, over the knuckle rings (that I definitely lost daily because they're the most impractical things ever but that's for another post...) but for the past few years, I've really honed in on my own jewellery taste. For me, simplicity is key - I'm not into garish yellow gold, bling or anything with crazy beading. 

Fun fact of the day: a few years ago, my dad bought me a necklace that genuinely looked like dangly carrots and he said it went with my 'funky style'. I almost died and although it was very thoughtful of him, he will never live it down.

So now you know what I don't like, let's talk about what I do like and in particular, the brands that I turn to when I want to treat myself to a little special something. Although I do still occasionally buy jewellery pieces from high-street shops like Primark and Topshop but if I'm looking for unique, investment pieces then I tend to turn to the following brands.

from left to right; CLUSE Watch, Monica Vinader Siren Ring, Missoma Archer Mini Hoop Earrings, Monica Vinader Havana Round Pendant, Lola Rose Obelisk Mini Earrings. (1).png


CLUSE watches have been on my radar for a while, predominantly through good ol' Instagram, and so when I was asked if I'd like to be sent a watch from them, I of course happily accepted their offer! CLUSE watches come in six distinctive collections that also come with interchangeable straps, but all have a very minimalistic Scandi design. I decided to choose The Boheme Mesh Rose Gold and I couldn't be happier with it - it's a statement piece without being too flashy.


I discovered Monica Vinader a few years ago and have adored their jewellery ever since. Thanks to very generous friends and family, I've collated quite the collection of pieces over the years which I continue to cherish. Although pricey, Monica Vinader offers pieces that are definitely worth the investment as the majority of styles that they offer are really timeless and classic. They specialise in stacking jewellery and because their pieces are predominantly very dainty, I tend to wear quite a few of their necklaces together - like the 'J' engraved Havana Round Pendant and the Riva Diamond Kite. My all-time favourite piece that I've got is the Siren Medium Stacking Ring in Labradorite which I wear almost daily - or shall we say, when I decide to leave the house haha.


I recently discovered Muru Jewellery at LFWF and had instant *heart eye emoji* feels over their pieces. Simple, original and do you want to know the best bit? Each piece of jewellery comes with a unique Talisman meaning, from friendship to ambition and beauty and luck. Although all of their pieces are gorgeous and all of the meanings are very relatable, I instantly knew which piece I wanted to buy; the Silver Crescent Moon which symbolises female influence! 


I'm so thrilled to share a new discovery in Lola Rose semi-precious jewellery; they have a great variety of gemstone jewellery that I really love and they come in so many different forms, from delicate charm necklaces to statement gemstone earrings. Each piece has a real special luxury piece and so Lola Rose is the perfect brand for when you either want to treat yourself to something special or gift a memorable present to someone else. Hint: Mother's Day is coming up. I was kindly sent this pair of Obelisk Mini Earrings from them and they are such a gorgeous pair; everything from the stone to the shape is exceptionally crafted!


Missoma is definitely a blogger cult brand, elevated even further by the recent collaboration with Lucy Williams. British brand Missoma creates perfect jewellery for your everyday wardrobe. Their delicate, distinctive pieces combine semi-precious gemstones with zircon pavé set in 18ct gold vermeil to give a refined but playful feel. When I got my second holes pierced in my ears, they were the first brand I looked at to find a pair of unique yet wearable earrings for every day and I definitely found them in their Silver Archer Mini Hoops.


I'm always suuuuper keen to discover more jewellery brands so if you know of any that you think I'd love, please make sure to leave a comment below!