Hi, I'm Jasmine and I'm speed-crazed, time-obsessed, tech-dependent, and a productivity freak. And that's just a small insight.

As well as the above, as most of you know, I'm self employed and although being so is a real luxury and has many a positive, being self-employed leaves very little time for yourself or any sort of downtime. Although I would never ever think twice about the decision I've made, it's definitely a factor that bothers me the most. Chasing up invoices I can deal with, feeling quite lonely sometimes is resolvable but having little time for myself or worse yet, feeling guilty AF if I ever do decide to take time off is a battle. 

I'm one of those excruciatingly annoying people who complains about being tired all day long and dare I say it, I can see why. Looking back over the past year, I genuinely can't remember a day where I wasn't working in some capacity. When I'm in the bath, I'm scrolling through social media, when I'm on holiday, I can't help but feel the desire to check my emails and even when I'm sick, I still find a way to muster up some motivation to write a blog post or take some photos. I'm not here expecting praise because I know that every single other person who is trying to build a brand or owns their own company is very much in the same boat but my god, I praise you all. It's hard work.

And that's why I decided to take the Easter weekend off work. If the majority of other people in the UK were able to enjoy time off with their loved ones, I felt as though I deserved the same luxury. There were no Instagram posts. No tweets. No work related podcasts. No networking. No research on SEO. No content planning. No nothing. Instead, there was lots of relaxing, film watching, eating of eggs - the chocolate kind, listening to music, spending time with family and friends - all without feeling the need to check my phone every five seconds. And it felt so good, and somehow came without the usual pangs of guilt. So much so that I thought I'd share with you some tips. 


I decided to take the time off on a whim. There was no fore planning, no slotting it into my diary and do you know why that is? Because if I had seen a big 'day off' scribble approaching, I would've found a way to put it off. I would've planned something, accepted plans with fellow bloggers, scheduled posts to go live on my social channels and then well, then I would've ended up working in some way or another. Yet, instead, because it was more of a whim decision and because I was listening to the needs of my body, it just felt like something I required - and deserved.


It's so easy in the world of self-employment to get wrapped up into the next big thing, especially so with blogging. Hitting the next K on Instagram, getting your next brand collaboration approved, getting invited to a really exciting networking event. I rarely take a second to really think of everything I've achieved and how hard I work to achieve them. This week I've had three really big brand collaborations come through, and a brand liked my content so much that they want to buy the rights to the photo. Like whaaaat - if that doesn't deserve a day off, I don't know what does!


It's pure fact that self-care and looking after your mental health is of absolute importance. Stress, insomnia and lack of real nutrition are all things that can prove absolutely detrimental to your productivity so taking a little bit of time out to make sure you're getting all three of those things in check can only do you the world of good. You can go back to work with a clearer mind, feeling rested and hopefully raring to hit some more goals!