Valentines Day - there's honestly no avoiding it. Step into any supermarket and you'll be dodging past heart shaped chocolate in every aisle, the florists have an influx of red roses donning their displays and I'm pretty sure that any woman you know would've mentioned it at least a handful of times this week alone. 

I have very mixed feelings about Valentines Day. I'm a true romantic at heart and so part of me absolutely adores the idea of having a whole day dedicated to showering your partner with extra love, but then another part of me recognises that it's a bloody big spam. I don't want oversized teddies, 100 red roses arriving at my door (I prefer tulips) or fancy meals where we both push around overpriced and ostentatious food around our plates. I always have been and always will be all about the small, meaningful gestures and having an extra day of the year where I'm able to tell Joe how much he means to me, well, then I'm going to grab that opportunity with both hands but that doesn't mean that I love him any less for the other 364 days of the year. Plus, any excuse to put on a gorgeous long sleeve midi dress and I'm there!

I'm very fortunate that Joe shares my idea on this - Valentines Day, not wearing dresses haha. He's the sort of man who will buy me a rose mid-week to show he cares, sneak a cute note into my handbag or get Dominos delivered to my flat when I'm hangry and the fridge is empty. Please don't try and steal him ladies. I don't require any reassurance about his feelings for me, because he makes that obvious every single day, but I can't wait to spend our first Valentines Day together. 

Even though our evening is likely to be lovely yet low-key - the plan is to make our own fast food (think KFC style chicken and oreo milkshakes) and slob out watching countless episodes of Friends - there are still a few things I want to do to prepare.


This is a crucial element for me. No matter the occasion, I'm a sucker for a good card and could spend hours and hours searching for the perfect one to gift to a loved one. Seeing as Valentines Day can tend to be pretty mushy as it is, I tend to pick more of a humorous card - usually from somewhere like notonthehighstreet or Paperchaseand save the gushiness, lovey-dovey stuff for inside to balance things out a little.


Oliver Bonas will forever be my go-to place for gifting and they've currently got a great selection of stuff knockin' about - see below of some examples that would be perfect for your other half. I think it can be quite easy to get carried away on Valentines Day and want to buy the absolute world for your partner as a display of your love, but I often find that it's the smaller, more thoughtful presents that mean the most. I'm sure Joe is going to loooooove the pillow I've bought him with my face on it - kiddin, I haven't bought that... (yet)


Obviously this can vary from person to person, and also depends on your plans for Valentines Day, but just find something that makes you feel gooooood. That could be a fancy dress, some comfy PJs or some sexy underwear - whatever floats your boat. I know already tell what'll happen in my case, I'm going to spend days planning an outfit, an hour or so making sure I look good and roughly 30 minutes into our evening, I'll be reaching for my PJs!!!

Whether you're single, in a relationship, whether you're spending it with your significant other or even doing a Galentines Day, I hope you all have a lovely time and are made to feel special!