It's widely known that I'm a coat & jacket hoarder. To me, a coat or jacket has the ability to completely transform or elevate an outfit and that's why I find them such a powerful piece - that's also my justification for owning so many haha. Despite owning so many, I definitely have a firm favourite. I know some of you might be shocked by that statement as its almost like a Mother picking between her children, but it's true, there's one coat that stands out amongst the rest; my trusty camel coat.

I'm sure this will come as no surprise to many of you because it's featured on my Instagram almost too regularly and well, if you know me in person, you've probably not seen me in anything else. I JUST LOVE THE GODDAMN THING, OKAY. I recently met with a dear friend of mine, and founder of Anna Coroneo, who had said that fellow Anna - Anna Wintour - had said that a camel coat was the classiest item a lady could own. And well, if Anna Wintour has given it a heads up, I'm in!!!

There's just something so effortlessly classic about a camel coat and even paired with the simplest of outfits (note: my favourite kind), it still manages to notch up the outfit to 'trendy' status. I tend to pair mine with a well-fitted pair of blue denim jeans and a striped top and it just screams effortless chic - even if I say so myself. Not only does it work for daytime, but it also looks equally as good with evening attire. And for me, versatility is key in a wardrobe essential.

Here are some ways I've styled it:

Also, if you're on the hunt - which you definitely should be -  then here are some of my recommendations:


My mum isn't a fan and thinks they look like 'grandma' coats, which arguably, yes, my grandma does own something very similar and we tend to be very matchy matchy... but hey, she's clearly a fashionista!!! Come join the club!