Love is a funny thing isn't it. I actually decided to write this blog post on a bit of a whim; I was up super duper late the other night and was flicking through a book called This Modern Love which is basically a collection of love stories. The book covers all aspects of a romantic relationship; the early days, the peaks of passion, the arguments and of course, the unfortunate demise of some relationships. I've never read anything that encapsulates something so well and it gives me alllllll the feels because it's just so real. You can read a mini review on the book here, but yes, that's where the inspiration came from.

I realised that despite me being very open and honest with you all, I haven't yet addressed the topic of love, romance and relationships on here. Or anything to do with my own personal luuuuurve life. If I'm honest, I probably won't go into too much detail into the latter because y'know, it's my life and all, BUT I did want to speak openly about how I feel about love and romance and all the other bits and pieces in between.


I am wholeheartedly a true romantic. However let's face it, loving romance is no longer cool. It's much more sophisticated to be aloof, hard to attain and only romantic and gushy in the most desperate of times. This can be a biiiiig struggle for me. There’s seen to be a level of naivety in being unabashedly adoring, as if it’s for those who haven’t really experienced life or who haven't been jaded by the “reality” (or heartbreak) of love. Well, I can assure you, I've been through it all and yet here I stand (sit) saying that love and being loved is the most fabulous thing in the whole entire world.

P.S. Although I refer to love in a romantic sense, there's no denying that friends and family can fill you with the same warm feelings. 

I grew up gushing over on screen romances like Ross & Rachel from FRIENDS and even after watching the episode a billion times, I still scream at the TV for her to GET. OFF. THE. PLANE. I can also recite every single word of Anna's love declaration to Will in Notting Hill and I've also never believed in anything more than the following words from Noah to Allie in The Notebook.

"It's not going to be easy. It's going to be really hard. And we're going to have to work on this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, you and me." 

Because that really is spot on and that kind of all consuming, bare-your-soul declaration of love is what I live for haha. Anyone that has been lucky enough to fall in love, even if they may not still be in love, can vouch that it really is frickin' hard. Being in love takes dedication and understanding and compromise, but it comes with so many rewards too.

Saying that, I also understand that love forms in different ways for every single person. There have been times when I've been so ridiculously frustrated that someone hasn't felt a certain way, hasn't said a certain thing, or hasn't expressed themselves in a way I would've liked them to... but it's only now in retrospect that I realise and acknowledge that perhaps my idea of romance and love is just very different. And hey, that's okay!

Personally, for me, I don't need any grand gestures. I don't need someone to rock up to my door in a limousine with flowers, Pretty Woman style. I'm all about the little things, the small gestures. The small, thoughtful things like a spontaneous cup of tea in the morning or a handwritten letter. Things like that mean absolutely everything to me. As does affection; I love cuddling up on the sofa, sharing bubble baths, having my hair played with... and well, why wouldn't you?

Making someone happy is genuinely the most rewarding feeling and although I've harped on about how I like this and that, I'm fully aware that a relationship, of any kind, is very much a two way street and requires just as much effort by both parties. And my god am I happy to play my part. 

Anyway, there have been so many times where I've apologised for saying something too forward, perhaps too soon, or I've also added "soppy alert" disclaimers to posts online to avoid any eye rolls or snotty cringing. Well, no longer. I think society has moulded us to believe that our natural reaction to romance is to just disparage it and to insist we're still cool and cold hearted and to not admit that actually, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

If you're anything like me, let's start a revolution and all EMBRACE romance together and live happily ever after.

So here's my cheesiest smile and a rose for you all!





P.S. Photo taken by the fabulous Ben Palmer