Slogan tees are still staying strong in the fashion game and I couldn't be happier about that. Personally, I'm going through a bit of a minimal phase with my fashion sense, and I've found that I'm reaching for simple skinny jeans and a t-shirt on much more of a regular basis. Don't get me wrong, that's all well and good, but for days when I need to look / feel a bit more 'fashion', then I reach for a trusty slogan tee to elevate the look.

There are so many simple t-shirts that have become iconic over the past few decades; Frankie Says Relax, Nirvana's smiley face and most recently, the Gucci brand tee which you will have no doubt spotted, well, pretty much everywhere. The trend continues, full steam ahead into A/W and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

 I've built up quite the personal collection over the past few months but my favourite has to be this "blah blah blah" one from Rock on Ruby. I'm a massive lover of stripes and the red lettering is so in right now, so it was an obvious pick from me. I'm also notorious amongst my friends for telling a story but missing half out and adding in "blah blah blah" in instead - so, in short, this t-shirt was pretty much made for me. Rock on Ruby have a massive collection of sassy slogan tees, as well as other accessories, so I'd definitely check out their site as you'll no doubt find something that you'll read and instantly relate to! 





Slogan tees are incredibly versatile and look effortlessly chic no matter what they're paired with. They can be worn casually in the day with a pair of skinnies and a blazer but look equally as great dressed up with something sexy like a leather pencil skirt and a pair of killer heels. 

Depending on your outlook, they can be an easy way to inject a bit of fun into your wardrobe, or many also use them as a way to assert their personal and political beliefs - e.g. feminism. So whether you want to make a bold statement, give someone something funny to read on the Tube in the mornings or just be your super sassy self, I've picked some of my favourite slogan tees available at the moment.

ROCK ON RUBY - Coffee, Then Life

WHISTLES  - Hello Sunshine

ASOS - Power of Woman

TOPSHOP - Nothing To Wear

MANGO - Young, Messy & Crazy

BELLA FREUD - Candy Darling

ALEXA CHUNG - Lonely Hearts Club

H&M - Cosmic Girl


Which one is your favourite? 


P.S. Photos above are taken by the lovely and very talented Holly Baxter.

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