Before entering the world of blogging myself, I definitely would've assumed that blogging was very 'dog eat dog' - especially for female lifestyle bloggers. The scenes from The Devil Wears Prada jump to mind; women scrapping at each other, overly fake friendships, doing anything they can to work their way to the top. And I'm sure that there are some women in the blogging game who are very competitive and are in it solely to gain money, success and superior status (which is totally fine, obvs), but the majority of the women I've come across in the past few months are far from the stereotype. 

Of course, I'm still at a fairly 'amateur status' but from what I've discovered so far, the blogging community is one of the most welcoming, friendly and encouraging group of fabulous people I've come across so far in life.

The idea for this post actually arose after a lovely day out with a new friend and fellow blogger Kat! She left a message on a Facebook group that we're both a part of saying that she was going to be in London for a month and asked if anyone was free to meet. I'm always keen to meet new people so I jumped at the chance, and I'm so glad we did because we had the best day out in Notting Hill, and we've seen each other since then too for a photography session - she actually took the photo below.

jacket - topshop

top - zara

belt - h&m



Side note, if you wanna see what we got up to during our day in Notting Hill, she actually vlogged it - you can watch it here.

There are many misconceptions about blogging; a lot of people have admitted that they think it's 'easy' and they just don't 'get it'. From their perspective, I kinda understand the eyebrow raises... why would someone want to spend 10 minutes snapping away at their food whilst it gets cold? Or shoot an outfit in the rain because you just can't let a fabulous outfit go to waste? Well, to answer those questions, it's because we're all goddamn passionate about getting a great end result. Trust me, blogging is hard work, tiresome and requires real passion and vision to achieve something worthwhile. However, to go back to the main point here, one aspect thats made the whole journey so enjoyable for me is getting to meet - online and IRL - some really lovely people who I've got similar interests with.

You don’t have to worry about asking if they can take a shot - or 160 - of you against that brick wall for your Instagram because they know the drill. It’s a welcome break from having to constantly explain to people what you do and feeling embarrassed for standing up in front of your coffee and croissant y'know you just need that dreamy flatlay.

The blogging world can be a very lonely place and you can feel pretty isolated at times. I've definitely felt that myself - even more so now that I'm blogging full time from home. It's also often easy to forget that we only see the best lives of people online - we don't see the heartache, the struggles, the frustration etc. All we see are pretty plates of food and outfit shots sat on someone else's doorstep haha. So when you're in the world of blogging, you know all that and have the ability to form genuine friendships with fellow bloggers because you understand that there's more to just whats seen online.

I'll stop rambling on now and get to the point which is that....

I just wanted to take the time out to acknowledge some of the women who I've formed great friendships with and who's blogs I genuinely love to read. I think you should check them out too!

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And my ultimate woman crush... 

10. Stella - Stella Asteria

P.S. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on blogger friendships and the community in general, so leave a comment below!