I'm very disappointed to say that I'm actually pretty shocking at doing hair. You may have noticed that either my hair is poker straight, has a bit of a wave in it or I shove it up in a ponytail. There's very little in-between because I genuinely don't understand how people can do all these fancy up-do's or crazy plaits... far too complicated and fiddly for my liking. 

Day to day, I tend to have my hair pretty straight but if I'm heading out for an evening or I want to make more of an effort then I'll curl my hair. I love the end result and always get a few compliments buuuut the one thing I despise is how long it can sometimes take. When I got offered the opportunity to try out the Xtava Satin Waves 5 in 1 Curling Wand, I jumped at the chance because I'm forever searching for the perfect tool to make curling my hair a lot easier, as well as a lot quicker of a process. And well ladies (and gents), I think it may be an absolute winner. 


Firstly, packaging wise; it arrived in a sleek black box which gave it it's automatic first tick from me, but even more impressive is that the wand and all the pieces come in its own heatproof zip storage bag which makes it ideal for travelling! For someone like me who's constantly on the go, it's pretty ideal. 

The Xtava curling wand comes with 5 different interchangeable barrels so you can create several different looks with just the one tool. Really handy, right? For example, you can create big, bouncy Victoria Secret-esque waves using the biggest barrel and on the complete opposite spectrum, you can create tight, 80's style ringlet curls using the thin taped barrel. For me, I tend to go for 'beachy' loose waves because they're more wearable day-to-day for my lifestyle and I think it works best with my own personal style. 

If I'm honest, I'm usually a bit sceptical about using curling / waving wands because I find them a bit tricky to use and end up burning myself but, the Xtava wand was really super easy to use and I got the hang of it really quickly. It also comes with a protective glove to use which took away any burn fears - I do always end up feeling a bit like MJ wearing just one glove though haha. 

My hair is quite thick so I tend to section it into two parts using just a regular clip and then take 1 - 2 inch sections of hair at a time to wrap around the wand. A trick I learnt after watching copious hair tutorials on Youtube is that to create a more textured and natural look, I try to alternate which way I twist each piece of hair. OH HEY BEACH BABE.

The handle of the curling wand has buttons to set the temperature lower or higher, depending on your hair type, as well as a big enough screen to see the settings. The handle is easy to hold and a good size plus comes with a 360° swivel cord meaning no annoying tangling and no contorting your arm into weird positions to get the right angle. That is genuinely one of my biggest pet peeves.

Here's the end result:


All in all, I'm thoroughly impressed with the Xtava Satin Waves 5 in 1 Curling Wand and can't wait to continue using it. I may even try and create some funky looks using it - stay tuned for pictures on Instagram

Xtava have very kindly offered my readers a giveaway, so if YOU would like to win a curling wand of your own, click HERE. There are a multitude of ways to enter and you have until the 15th October to enter.



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