Before we get going, I'd really appreciate it if you went and checked out the following clip from the classic film Annie. Click here. I'm sure many of you have watched it before buuuuut it's always a nice reminder and definitely sets the tone for this blog post. 

And if you can't be bothered, basically, in short... "who cares what they're wearing on Main Street or Saville Row, it's what you wear from ear to ear, and not from head to toe, that matters." 

I know that may seem really ridiculous coming from a fashion blogger but it's totally true. Whenever I look back through photos of my myself from photo shoots, I'm always most drawn to the photos where I'm genuinely smiling and laughing. In the moment, I try the usual 'blogger' model poses and well, let's just say, I look bloody ridiculous. I am in no way shape or form a model and never intend to be one. However, I am naturally a very smiley person and love having a good ol' giggle. 

Last week, Holly and I took a trip to Little Venice for a photo shoot which is probably one of my most favourite places in London. If you haven't had the chance to go there, you NEED to. It's so bladdy picturesque! 

I've been desperately trying to hold onto any last moments of sunshine we have here in London and have been popping on a summer dress at any given opportunity. This one from Mango is one of my absolute favourites; it's floaty, flirty and fun. The 3 F's that I constantly search for in a dress. I 'edged' it up a bit with these open toe boots from Kurt Geiger which are quite old but I go back to time and time again. They kill my feet, big time, but they're oh so worth the blisters - kinda. 


Anyway, back to my point... I personally feel like there's such a stigma attached to 'fashion' photography and almost an expectation of what the results should look like. Sometimes I scroll through my Instagram feed and it's the same old pose over and over again which is so uninspiring. The amount of times I've been told to look all 'fierce' and to try the whole Tyra Banks 'smize' technique is bloody countless, but in reality, I am just pretty shockingly rubbish and tend to look really miserable when I try either haha. NOT IDEAL. So yes, luckily Holly and I get on like a house on fire and she tends to make me laugh to the point where I start to look like a hyena!

At the end of the day, I love my job and want to enjoy every aspect of blogging - including photo shoots, so if it means that you guys end up seeing countless shots of me laughing away and having a good ol' time then I hope that's A-OK with y'all. 


Forget about the wrinkles and just smile more, it really is the best medicine! 


P.S. Photos above are taken by the lovely and very talented Holly Baxter.