Finding photogenic backgrounds for images can be tricky business, especially if you want something that's not a brick wall or grand white houses, so when I stumbled across photos of Mayfield Lavender Farm on Instagram, I knew I had to pay a visit. And my god, it was breathtaking. 

I'm definitely quite an urban girl but every once in a while, there's nothing I love more than just getting out of London and exploring new places. Last weekend, me and my flatmate decided to take the trip to Mayfield and it was such a lovely morning. Neither of us really knew what to expect as you only really see snippets online but it was genuinely like wading through a sea of lavender. Everything about it, apart from the ridiculous amount of bees, was so calming.


It may sound a bit silly but being a fashion blogger, I can't really go anywhere anymore without thinking about photo opportunities and potential outfits. So, when thinking about what to wear to Mayfield, I knew I wanted something floaty and ruffly and pretty. Then BAM... I knew it was going to be this light blue Topshop dress; it's floaty, it has ruffles galore and its oh so pretty. 

FullSizeRender (16).jpg

Unfortunately the dress I'm wearing is no longer in stock however here are some similar alternatives:




I decided to pair them with my new espadrilles, also from Topshop, which you can read more about here because I did a whole blog post recently all about my favourite shoes of the moment. They're just so flattering on the leg and just go with absolutely everything!


I had such a lovely time at Mayfield and just loved prancing around amongst the lavender. Was a real The Hills are Alive from The Sound of Music moment but with lavender and less singing haha.

What do you think of the outfit?