If y'all don't know, although I now live in London, I actually lived in Brighton & Hove for most of my life! It holds such a special place in my heart that I try and head back there every few months to spend a weekend enjoying the city and everything it has to offer. The most exciting aspect of Brighton is that it's forever changing so it never feels like the same experience. 

I've actually done a whole blog post talking about Brighton in more detail and what I'd recommend doing and seeing whilst there, which you can read here, but today I'm talking about one of my main pastimes - eating out and fooooood. Eating out in Brighton is always a joy; there's no shortage of amazing eateries and there's everything you can think of, from the cutest cafes to fine restaurants and juice bars to delis. 

I'd heard about Redroaster through Brighton bloggers like Zoella and Poppy Deyes and they had excellent things to say about it so its been on my restaurant bucket list ever since. Last weekend I finally got the chance to go, and although there was no fore planning to write a blog post about it, after going I just knew I had to tell you all about it! 

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Right, I know you're all now here for the food but the most obvious aspect that we gotta chat about is the goddamn beautiful aesthetics of this place. I could generally write a whole book about the interiors and branding at Redroaster; the endless marble surfaces, geometric tiling, hand painted wall art, gold metal features, menu branding... it's a design feast. Basically, if Instagram were a cafe, it would look like this. It’s super clean, it’s very minimalist and it’s very white. I WAS IN ABSOLUTE AWE. Also, I must add... you will leave with major plant envy as it's a botanical haven. I'm generally not trusted with plants and have killed all plants I've ever owned but visiting Redroaster has made me want to splurge my life savings on house plants as soon as poss.

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I must say, every aspect of the experience was on point but the one part that I'm still thinking about obsessively is the coffee. I'm no coffee snob but I do know good coffee and Redroaster just smashed it out of the park. They were actually one of the UK's first specialist coffee shops and they still roast both variety of their beans in Kemptown and remain one of the few organic certified roastery in the country. So you know you can expect real good coffee there. My latte was a big thumbs up and I'm always a sucker for coffee art.

On the brunch menu you'll find a number of classics reworked; eggs on toast, full cooked breakfast, pancakes, all given a fine dining makeover. Only a bacon butty is the most instantly recognisable thing on the list - but I bet even this has a little tweak. I'm pretty damn fussy with breakfast and am tired of the same ol' thing but Redroaster really surprised me; the food was definitely a refreshing change from the usual. Also, for any of you that are really indecisive, there's a really nice breakfast board which comes with a collection of items.

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It took me ages to decide on what to eat and was salivating over pretty much everything on the menu but I eventually decided on the herb waffles. Sat on top of said waffles was a pile of  scrumptious bacon jam; intense, sweet, savoury and well, just plain delicious. As if that wasn't enough, rashers of streaky maple glazed bacon were there for company along with a perfectly done fried egg. Batons of apple were sprinkled on top which added a fresh, crisp element and they paired with the pork perfectly. 


Prices for the whole menu are around the £10 mark, which for the quality and detail, isn't bad at all. 


When take-your-breath away interiors come hand in hand with lip-smackingly good coffee and mouth watering brunch dishes, you know you’re on to a good thing and Redroaster is exactly one of those. 


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