When I look into my wardrobe, I can definitely split my clothing into two halves. There's the fun, often impulsive trend items and then there's the classic, timeless pieces. Both are equally as important but today I want to chat to you about the latter.

Like many other women I'm sure, I spend a ridiculous amount of time stressing over what to wear - typical, right. This can be pretty tiresome and so over the years, I've learnt to remember that dressing simply, yet well, really does work wonders. There are certain items in my wardrobe that I gravitate to most, a LBD or jumpsuit, a white button down shirt and a good pair of black boots are my go-to's for when I'm stumped. You'll notice that those are all classic styles and colours because from there, it's easy to adapt an outfit to suit your personal style. No matter what that may be.

The key item I want to highlight though is a classic white shirt. It will forever be the hardest-working piece in your wardrobe and is so versatile; suit it up with menswear-inspired separates for the office, dress it down, half-tucking it into boyfriend jeans on the weekend, or pair it with a leather pencil skirt for a night on the town. No outfit will ever look the same and that's the beauty of it!

My favourite aspect is that because it is such a blank canvas it can be paired with so many different accessories; a statement necklace, a funky bag (as below) or bold shoes. Nothing looks too garish against something so simplistic.

As you can see below, I paired mine with classic blue skinny jeans, black heeled sandals and a pretty jazzy bag. It took about 2 minutes to put together yet (I hope) still looks not too shabby. 



jeans - topshop

shoes - topshop

bag - primark


P.S. The Vespa is optional ;)

P.S. Photos above are taken by the lovely and very talented Holly Baxter.