I know we're still in August but for us Londoners anyway, things are quickly going to start getting all gloomy and miserable. Bleh. Anyway, putting the weather to one side... one main salvation is that I find the slightly colder months so much easier to dress for. Black jeans, cashmere jumpers, tailored coats... all of it is just pure heaven to me. Before proper Winter arrives, we have the weird 'middle ground' stage where nowhere really knows whats going on; one minute its chucking it down with rain and the next people are lighting up the BBQs. In terms of fashion, that calls for good ol' layering and the perfect piece for that is...

A LEATHER JACKET - or faux leather, whatever takes your fancy!

 I genuinely don't think anything makes me feel as cool as a leather jacket. What makes it even better is that its probably the most versatile piece ever. No matter your personal style, you're very likely to own a leather jacket of some description in your wardrobe. And if you don't, well, hopefully this will give you some inspiration to invest in one! You can wear it in so many ways; slung over a t-shirt and skinny jeans for an effortlessly cool look but also in complete contrast, it can be worn over a feminine, floaty dress to edge it up - see the photos to demonstrate.




They come in a load of different styles, shapes, finishes, colours... god, you name it, there's probably one out there. Whether you're on the lookout for a classic number or something with a bit more pazazz (think fringing and embellished detailing), you'll truly be spoilt for choice.

The most obvious problem that I should address is that a high-quality piece can cost as much as your monthly rent... ouch. So below I'm going to cover a variety of pieces to cover a range of budgets. Fear not though, the faux numbers are so good its sometimes impossible to tell them apart from their authentic counterparts. Winning. Personally, my ultimate dream would be to invest in a real, good quality leather jacket from All Saints however right now I couldn't justify it without living off beans on toast for the rest of my life so I'll hold out for a little while longer.

TOPSHOP - Leather Biker Jacket



I hope you've enjoyed this post and that its fuelled some 'rock chick' vibes!


P.S. Photos above are taken by the lovely and very talented Holly Baxter.