I wrote a post earlier on this year - which you can read here - harping on about how much I looooooved red and as genuine as it was, in the back of my mind I did think it was a bit of a phase.

Generally speaking, I'm a monochrome lover through and through but the more confident I'm becoming with my personal style, or the more I don't give a f**k about what other people think (thanks Sarah Knight), I'm investing in clothes that I usually wouldn't. Bold(er) colours, patterns, odd shapes... you get the gist. And so here we are, approaching the end of summer, for England, and I'm still bloody well loving me a bit of red and I can see myself buying some transitional pieces to go into the Autumn months with. 

As a bit of backstory, here are just a couple of snapshots of some of the items I've been rocking this summer... 

Of course, all of the pieces above can be worn throughout the colder months with either a jumper, tights, knee-high boots etc to make it more weather appropriate but I have noticed some Autumn red pieces creeping into the shops that I just had to share with you all!

What I love most about the colour red is that its such a versatile shade and can be paired with so many different colours e.g. it looks equally as good paired with black denim as it does with blue denim but it makes for a completely different look. White and red is also a classic combo that I can't get enough of - see photo above of my styling of white and red. 

Here are some items in the shops right now that I'm seriously diggin'...

WHISTLES - Ooh La La Sweatshirt


If you don't feel brave enough to go the whole hog with red right away then why not dabble into some accessories? Bags, shoes and jewellery are easy ways to inject some colour into your wardrobe. Here are a couple that I'm loving!

Zara - Knotted Bucket Bag



Looks like my love for red addiction isn't going anywhere anytime soon...