... according to the main image, clearly nothing has changed. Pouting and stuffing my face are still my main priorities! 

I’m turning 25 in TWO days. To me, that is flippin’ terrifying and I must say, it has crept up pretty damn quickly. I know some of you may be slightly older than me and so are probably rolling your eyes that I'm having a bit of a whinge but I’ll carry on nonetheless haha.

It genuinely feels like almost yesterday where I was rockin’ my Pineapple pink velour tracksuit or making dance routines in my living room to S Club 7’s ‘Reach’ or running along to the ice cream van to buy a 99 flake and actually getting change from a £1 coin because y’know, it’s in the name. Anyway, despite it all seeming like yesterday, I’m aware that those days are long gone. However, I am still notorious for putting on a rendition of S Club 7 every once in a while so the next time I decide to throw a spontaneous concert in my living room, I’ll make sure to give y’all a heads up.

In all seriousness, it's partly depressing but also rather humorous to think of where I thought I'd be by the age of 25 and well, hey teenage Jasmine, you couldn't have been more wrong haha. Growing up, ‘adulting’ seemed so easy but I certainly have no engagement ring on my finger, I'm not the CEO of my own company and I unfortunately don't have a key to my own home - just yet anyway. However, despite those things, I do feel like I've achieved a fair amount by this age and I'm pretty damn lucky to be in the position I’m in.

I'm currently living in a gorgeous flat in a lovely area of London, I've travelled a lot of the world, I've got a great position within my company, I'm surrounded by loved ones and hey, I'm a world famous blogger too. Completely kiddin' about the latter btw but a girl can dream, right?

To give you all a bit of an insight into my life and to acknowledge the occasion, I thought I'd share some of the things I've learnt along the way. P.S. For those of you who stick it out till the end, you may get a little 'treat'!

1. Friendships become more about quality rather than quantity.

My friendship list has definitely dwindled over the years but the friends that I do have, I love to absolute pieces and know that I can rely on them no matter what. The kind that laugh hysterically at stupid memes with me but also let me vent and cry when things don't go my way haha.

 2. Breakfast food definitely isn't just for breakfast.

If you're religious readers of this blog, or know me in real life, it'll come as no surprise when I say my favourite meal is breakfast - or brunch. However, I'm definitely not one to put a time bracket on when I can tuck into a heaped bowl of Crunchy Nut. In fact, I've had cereal for dinner last night. Oh and the night before that. Wait... maybe I should retract my 'food blogger' title?

3. Mental health is SUPER important. 

Your mental health can have such an impact on every single aspect of your life so make sure you're always checking in with yourself, taking time out to reflect, and making sure that your needs and happiness are first and foremost.

4. It's okay to wear comfy underwear - men don't care.

I spent years and years - and shit loads of money – buying cute, lacy underwear that now sit at the bottom of my underwear drawer. Granted, they look fabulous – generally when I’ve starved myself for a while haha – but I just can’t resist a good pair of Bridget Jones pants from M&S or the like. They’re just so goddamn comfy. Also, age has proven that men genuinely couldn’t care less most of the time.

5. Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to make tea.

Making tea is serious business. Some people have the knack, others just don't. There are many hues and many methods but come onnnnnnn, it really isn't that hard. Also, don't get me started on the people who put the milk in first.

6. Trust your gut.

Always always always listen to your gut instinct, it'll always steer you in the right direction.

7. 'Bad boys' aren't fun.

I know every single film has told you otherwise and everyone always hopes to convert a bad boy but trust me, it aint gonna happen. There's no changing anyone. If your partner isn't treating you the way you think / know you should be treated then please get out, it's not worth waiting it out hoping that they'll change because you'll just be wasting your time. I've learnt that lesson many a time, trust.

8. I'm not cut out for the rain. Also I break ALL umbrellas.

(This is kinda a 2 in 1, forgive me) I know it's hilarious because as you all probably know, I live in England, but I genuinely just really hate the rain. It makes me seriously miserable. Wind AND rain is even worse and I've genuinely broken about 200 umbrellas in my time because I'm that stubborn person who despite knowing that the 10000mph wind WILL break the umbrella, I think I possess some sort of superpower to tackle it. No chance. I once broke 3 in one day - that was a baaaaaad day.

9. Your taste palette will change. But also that coriander is just grim.

I've grown to absolutely love so many things that I once hated, such as olives and also hummus... but, coriander will always be an absolute HELL NO to me. I absolutely despise the stuff.

10. Nights in are so much more fun than nights out.

Don't get me wrong, I still love a good night out every once in a while buuuut as I've gotten older, I much prefer a night in. They generally involve fantastic food, great chat, good pals and drinks that don't make you wanna vom.

11. Loving your day job is a rare but amazing find.

I get serious pangs of jealousy every time I hear someone utter the words “I love my job!”… don’t get me wrong, I’m lucky enough to enjoy the field I work in but I wouldn’t say it’s my dream job. Sorry boss if you’re reading this. One thing I’ve learnt that’s proven important is don’t force yourself to do something where the only appealing aspect is the money, especially if it’s not in an industry you love. I know it’s easy to say but try and find something that feels like a hobby you’re getting paid to do.

12. Flowers, plants and cacti are all very exciting. 

I genuinely never thought this'd happen. I've spent half my lifetime mocking my mum for loooving all things plant related and vowed to never become like that and well, it bloody well happened didn't it. 

13. You'll spend your whole life finding the perfect foundation. 

Foundation is literally the bane of my life. I think I've bought every brand under the sun and have spent a lottery winning amount of cash on them and I can say that even after about 10 years of wearing foundation most days, I'm still yet to find the perfect one. Just when I think I'm getting somewhere, my skin type changes or the shade then isn't right because I've got a slight tan. Like come on, give a girl a break. 

14. Candles are just heavenly. 

No longer are they just the romantic addition to your bath tub, they are EVERYWHERE in my flat. I'm pretty sure I've had a candle on every single one of my birthday / Christmas wish lists for many years now and I could spend hours and hours whiffing them in Jo Malone. I don't even care if I leave feeling all heady because its totally worth it. 

15. Enough of the 'what ifs' malarkey.

Spending too long dwelling on the past and getting lost in ideas about how things could have been different will only distract you from enjoying the present and moving forward into a shiny future.

16. They weren't lying when they said caffeine was addictive. 

It started with the casual trip to Pret / Starbucks on a Friday morning as a nice treat and slowly has turned into a full blown addiction. My god, if I don't get my caffeine fix, there is BIG trouble.

17. It's really really difficult to save money. 

This rings so true, especially in London where meals out costs like half your salary. I’m definitely not the best at saving but I do try and make a conscious effort to at least try and put away some cash each month. I know it’ll only be beneficial in years to come.  

18. Balance is key. 

This refers to every single aspect of life, make sure you live by that rule.

19. A pair of well fitted, skinny jeans will be your fail safe. 

When you find a pair of jeans that work for you and make you look bloody fantastic, stock up. I remember spending years of my life, silently sobbing in changing rooms because I couldn't pull jeans up past my knees or they just made my bum look saggy and then magically, I found the Topshop Jamie jeans and they have changed my life. Legit. I don't think there's been a week in the past 3 years where I haven't worn them. They look fab with a simple white tee but also just as fab with a sexy top on a night out.

20. It's OK to like 'shitty' music.

Everyone has different tastes of music and that's totally fine. As long as you're happy screaming along to your favourite songs at the top of your lungs, crack on! P.S. Is this where I have to admit I'm a Belieber?

21. A good skincare routine is crucial. 

I’ve accepted that I’m never going to wake up looking ‘flawless’ Beyonce style in the mornings buuuut having a good skincare routine is a good start. I try and stick to minimal products that I know work well for my skin type.

22. The maths that you learn at school is pretty damn pointless. 

Where was the lesson on things like getting a mortgage and picking which ISA works for you? That bloody pythagorasros theorem that I spent months memorising has done absolute f**k all to help me out since GCSE's. Stupid curriculum!

23. The mythical two day hangover is real.

I'm sorry to burst anyone's bubble but the dreaded two day hangover is seriously real and hits you hard all of a sudden. Hangovers are no longer fun or funny or cosy or bonding or anything other than horrible. The shame doesn’t help; the knowledge that we should know better. Why don’t we know better? What is wrong with us? Are we alcoholics? Oh, probably. 

24. Your parents will become your best pals. 

I've definitely gone through my ups and downs with both my parents and although I seem like such an angel, I know I've been such a nightmare child at times. Despite all that, I can't deny that as I've gotten older, I've definitely become closer and closer to my parents and actually enjoy their company. Who would've thought, eh haha. 

25. Life is super short, don't take anything for granted and make the most of it.

Super self explanatory but thought it'd be a good one to end on!


Hope you enjoy the photos below! Sorry mum for plastering your face all over the internet.... 


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Apparently me blabbing on and on started at a very early age... 

Sigh... I'm having a really bad hair day today!

Matchy matchy hairstyles with Mother!

I wonder what I'm looking at out the corner of my eye...? Cute boy? Food? Most definitely food!

Quick, a camera... pout. But what about the food? Multitasking like a PRO!

Pretty sure I was devastated that my dinner was nearly at an end. ALWAYS WANTING MORE FOOD!