Just to start, I don't usually post three times a week but I really wanted to document this for y'all and also have it as a nice memory for myself so I hope you enjoy.

This whole blogging experience is such a whirlwind and it still surprises and excites me every single day. It's given me some incredible experiences; for example connecting with other like-minded, incredible people, working with high-profile brands and most importantly, giving me the creative outlet that I've craved for sooooooo long. 

This week something crazy happened (crazy for me anyway!) An interview featuring myself got published on Audience Mojo by the lovely founder Grant. I feel so proud that I wanted to share it with you. I was brutally honest throughout it all and I also thought it might help any of you that are looking to start out on a blogging journey yourselves.


Luck or hard work? This blogger tells why you need a bit of both

Q. What motivates you to get started as an Influencer?

I come from a creative background and have always had a real passion for reading and writing. Initially, blogging and in turn, Instagram, was a means to be able to write and have more of a creative outlet in my spare time and give myself a hobby. It hasn't been an easy ride and takes a lot of self motivation and discipline but I'm lucky enough to have found a following who seem to enjoy what I put out and their love and support keep me going! 

Q. How do you grow your following? 

I made a vow to myself from the beginning that I only wanted to grow organically. I noticed that there were a lot of influencers out there that had seemed to either 'buy' followers or do the follow / unfollow tactic and it just infuriated me. It's taken a lot of time and dedication to interact with other bloggers and the main thing I've learnt that's important is to stay consistent. 

Q. At what point did you notice brands become interested in you and was it mainly from your side or theirs?

I was lucky enough to work with brands quite early on, perhaps a month in. It's been a bit of both to be honest - if there's a brand I want to work with, I definitely wouldn't deter from contacting them. As I was starting out, I put myself out there a lot and connected with PR agents who had some good connections but as I've grown, brands have discovered me and I've had some amazing opportunities so far. I feel very lucky. 

Q. What effort went into getting a brand deal done from first time contact to conclusion. How long does it usually take from beginning to end?

It really does depend on the brand and also the project but generally a few days. I make sure to emphasise what I'm willing to provide and make sure they're happy with my 'vision' beforehand because at the end of the day, it's a partnership. Both parties should be benefiting! 

Q. Is it common for you to work with the same brand more than once? How many brands should one influencer work with?

I haven't just yet but I would be willing to, for sure. There have been a few jewelry brands I've worked with so far that I'd be more than happy to collab with for sure. If I'm honest, the possibilities are limitless so as long as you're still creative, there are so many avenues to explore with a brand. In regards to how many brands you should work with, it's entirely up to you but I tend to juggle a few at one time so that I know I've got content lined up. 

Q. What kind of brands tend to work with you?

I get a lot of fashion, skincare and also jewelry brands wanting to work with me. I'm quite lucky that my blog and Instagram is very varied so I have the opportunity of working with different brands.

Q. Tell us a bit about how you are compensated. And how brands evaluate how successful your work is? How do you assess how successful your work is?

Either I get gifted products or sometimes I get paid to include links or promote certain brands. It depends on what the brand is willing to offer. Engagement of a post is so important to both parties so I monitor my likes / comments and make sure I'm always pushing out my posts on all of my social media platforms to increase engagement. 

Q. What strategy do you use to get more business from brands? 

It may sound silly but I don't really have one. I just stay true to myself, work with brands I'm passionate about and I just try to be as flexible as possible. I think brands feed off positivity so if they get that vibe from your platform, they'll be more willing to work with you.

Q. What's your goal for the future? How do you plan to accomplish them?

I set myself mini goals - e.g. reaching 5k on Instagram within X amount of days but the dream goal would to be able to take my day job to part time and blog a lot more. I'm not sure how realistic that is but I plan to continue to work hard and hope that it pays off!


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