So, I'm sure you're all seriously fed up of me harping on and on about my birthday buuuuuuuuut I had to tell you all about my experience at Fiz's pop up at the infamous Lights of Soho. If you get a chance to go, you definitely have to and if you need more convincing, read on... 

I actually stumbled across the pop up online whilst doing some random 'fun things to do in London' searching and was instantly sold. Unlimited bubbly, cute decor AND incredible looking food all screamed a big fat yes to me. 

Soooooo my birthday happened to fall on Pride this year so as you can imagine, Soho was absolutely buzzing. So. Much. Buzz. Everywhere. The good kind though and this definitely carried through into Lights of Soho.

What is Fiz? Fiz are, as they say, an affordable, fun, casual eating and drinking space that is uniquely sociable.

What is Lights of Soho? They call themselves a London art gallery and private members' bar which aims to be the home of 'cultural lights', neon light art and associated light fixtures.

Combine them and it’s truly an absolutely incredible experience.


We arrived on the day for the later slot, getting there for around 1pm – because who eats brunch before then?! – and were firstly sat by the front window overlooking the hustle and bustle of the street which don’t get me wrong, was nice, but I’m a fusspot and wanted to sit a bit more inside where all the fancy lights are. I’ll give it to you straight – I wanted to take cute instagram shots basically. Anyway, they gave us a cute round table a little further toward the back and immediately brought over our first bottle of pink bubbly. Kickin’ it off properly…

The menu had a great range of options, both savoury and sweet and we settled on a few things; avocado on charcoal toast, poached eggs with bacon and of course I couldn’t resist the blueberry pancakes. The food was cooked to absolute perfection and I thoroughly enjoyed every single bite. You can tell they really take care in what they serve up; using fresh produce and presenting it in a very aesthetically pleasing way. #foodporn big time.

We inhaled the food pretty quickly – naturally – but what was nice, was that there was absolutely no pressure to keep ordering more food. I mean, I could’ve, but instead we just carried on drinking. Once our first bottle was done, they happily brought across another cold bottle and so the second bottle began haha.

Both the food and booze were fab but I have to say, the venue just made it even more special. I’ve always wanted to visit Lights of Soho and have always loooooved neon lighting so I spent most of the time there checking out all the artwork and snapping away.

The restaurant area was based upstairs and was really lively but we also went and chilled downstairs where they had a couple of seating areas for more of a relaxed vibe. I say 'relaxed' but they also had a stripper pole in the middle of the room because y'know, why the hell not haha. The whole venue is super kitsch and fun, from top to bottom. 


I genuinely couldn't fault the whole experience. The food was top notch, the venue was incredible, the staff were fun and friendly, the price was reasonable and the booze just kept on flowing. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday brunch! 


Unfortunately it's not around for that long but if you get a chance, make sure to go check them out! If not, hopefully they'll do another pop up soon... which I'd definitely be keen to go to! STAY TUNED!