I do like a good night out, a few cocktails, a good meal, you get the gist. Buuuut as I’m getting older, I’m equally finding that I love a night in just as much. I’ll paint you a picture of my perfect evening in… a good M&S picky bits meal, a snuggly blanket, M&Ms – the peanut kind to be specific - a G&T, popcorn (this list could go on a while), a good BBC drama and of course, a TV would help. Speaking of which, we just have a pretty standard one at home but the amount of times I’ve scoured the tech department in Selfridges to ogle at the newest, HD, super-duper fancy TVs is countless. If you want the full experience, the Panasonic ones look INSANE. And when I’ve made my millions – somehow – I’ll definitely be investing in a 4K TV Panasonic !!!

A few months back, I did a post chatting about all my favourite films which you can read all about here. I do love me a good film but many people can vouch that I’m incredibly restless and have the attention span of a goldfish, so, TV shows work much better because an hour is usually about the time where I start looking around, wanting to stretch my legs, want the plot to hurry up – and so on. However, with a TV show... BAM, it’s usually over already. Massive win.

I’m quite difficult with TV shows, as with other many things in life but that’s another story haha – so I either get seriously hooked immediately and have to watch the whole season back to back OR I know within the first 10 minutes whether I wanna switch over. The likes of Netflix have made binge watching shows soooooo much easier and means that if I do get addicted, I don’t have to very impatiently wait a whole 7 days to find out what happens next. God damn you cliff-hanger endings.

Anyway, let's get onto the good stuff. Although I don't watch THAT much TV, I have noticed that my picks definitely fall within a few categories which I've outlined below...



These are the comfort shows that I turn to the most frequently. I spent most of Uni life watching back to back episodes of Friends to get me through a hangover. Y’know when you just need a good old laugh? Yep, well, Friends will forever be my favourite. I can recite pretty much every word but yet it doesn’t get boring. Others in this category include Absolutely Fabulous and Sex and the City. Mainly because I’m desperate to be either Patsy or Carrie Bradshaw. My idols.



Pretty sure my entire life revolves around food. I wake up thinking of food, I go to bed thinking of food. I have many a novelty item ft. some kind of food item – more frequently my loves avocados, some of my most used emojis are food items, and so it seems only obvious that my most loved channel on TV is the Food Network. I could - and do - spend hours of my Sunday watching back to back episodes of Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals. Man V Food is another classic that I get genuinely excited about when I see it’s on next – partly because I’ve got a massive crush on Adam Richman. Don’t judge too much, I just like a man that can eat haha. Plus he's now got pretty damn dishy. And of course, The Great British Bake Off is one of the main reasons I like summer. Drooling over cake aaaaaaand good weather is my idea of heaven. 



I’m a massive sucker for a good ol’ BBC drama. I don’t know how they do it but they smash it every single time and I get instantly hooked on whichever new drama they release. They’re so gripping and intense and generally such emotional roller coasters that I just get sucked in wanting more and more. The only downfall being that generally speaking, most series’ only last for a few episodes so the comedown usually hits me quite quickly haha. A few excellent ones to mention are Doctor Foster cannot wait for season 2!!! – The Replacement, Three Girls and my favourite, Sherlock. BBC aren't the only folk to put on a good show though and I'm a massive fan of others such as Orange Is the New Black and Game of Thrones.



I'll keep this one as short and sweet as possible so that you don't all unsubscribe haha. Buuuuut like everyone out there, I'm human and have major TV show guilty pleasures. There are probably many more than these few but the ones I instantly think of are... The Only Way Is Essex, Made in Chelsea and my most recent favourite, Love Island. Granted, about 99% of it is all scripted but I have to admit that I just love a bit of shit TV where it's easy to watch and sometimes, pretty damn entertaining haha. 


What are your favourite TV shows?!