Summer has suddenly snuck up on us here in London. That’s the funny thing about it – one minute we’re wading through puddles and wrapping up in copious layers and then in a blink of an eye, the sun is shining bright. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but because it happens so suddenly, I often forget about how much work goes into ‘prepping’ for the summer months. The common scenario is that every Spring, I get into a massive panic because naturally, I’m sat around with a donut in my hand rocking a few extra pounds, my legs haven’t been shaved in about 10000 years (actually, I’m quite lucky because I’ve had laser done but that’s another story) and I’m paler than most of my white friends. Every single year, without fail. Below I’m going to outline a few things that I’m keen to try out or am currently using in order to speedily prep for this warmer weather.


I actually had my hair balayaged a few months ago – which you can read all about here. I’m really happy with the effect but it now means that I have to maintain not only the colour intensity but also the condition. I’m quite temperamental with hair care but the older – and slightly wiser - I’m getting, the more I am noticing that by using quality products, the better result I’m probably going to get. With that in mind, L'Occitane have a variety of shampoos that I'm really keen to try out. All of the L'Occitane shampoo's are all enriched with natural extracts and essential oils which help to restore, nourish and protect your hair. Definitely what my hair needs for not only the Summer months but all year round!

Also, when it gets warmer, the last thing I want to do is stand around with a hairdryer & heated utensils slaving away at my hair. An overheated Jasmine is not a happy one. I’m all about low(er) key during the summer months and tend to leave my hair a bit more natural, adding texture with other products to create more ‘beachy waves’. My go-to to achieve this look is the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray.  



All of you are going to slap me on the wrist for this next sentence. I, Jasmine Jonas, very rarely moisturise my body. I know, I know, it’s terrible and I don’t know why I don’t do it. Actually, I do know, I’m bloody lazy and the last thing I want to do after a shower, when I’m usually shivering and stark naked is slather myself in body cream. My skin is definitely paying the price though, especially on my legs, and now that I’m going to be getting them out more often, I want them looking silky smooooooth and nourished. I think my best bet is to invest in something like the Dove In Shower Body Moisturiser because it means I can just do it in a giffy whilst showering and it won’t feel like a chore.


I have a bit of an issue with summer makeup because I feel like there’s a VERY fine line between looking glowy and looking sweaty. Nobody wants to look like a sweaty mess. In order to sway from that, I tend to strip my makeup back a bit during the summer months and go for looks that are a bit more natural and don’t require too much work. However the one thing that I do tend to go quite heavy on in the summer months is bronzer because well, hey, I wanna look like I've been on holiday!!! I've tried out quite a lot of bronzers throughout my time; a lot don't even show up on my skin or if not that, they just look 'muddy' on my skin (ladies you'll know what I mean) but I am a massive fan of the Milani Baked Bronzer. It's got subtle gold flecks running through it which just give you a healthy glow. Pure perfection.

I also find that when summer rolls around, I'm less keen on a matte lipstick and much prefer a sheeny, glossy kind such as the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Proudly Naked . I feel like it goes much better with a stripped back makeup look!


Perfume is such a joy… don’t you think? They are magical little things that have the power to evoke memories, inspire fantasies and also tell others a bit about you with just a turn of the head. I currently have two on the go which I use for daily use… Marc Jacobs Daisy and also Femme by Zara. Both are very fresh, floral summery scents – sorry, I’m the worst at describing scentshowever I’m definitely lacking an evening perfume. Y’know… something a bit… sexier, muskier, enticing. I truly believe that a signature scent is something to truly invest in and a perfume can truly complete an outfit and enhance your mood. With that in mind, I couldn’t recommend the Clive Christian perfumes enough. Granted, they’re an investment so maybe one to put on a birthday / Christmas list but they are just so sumptuous and make you feel very special. Definitely some of the best perfumes for women on the market!


I talk about dresses all day long on my Instagram so make sure to head over there if that’s what you’re interested in. However I thought I’d have a bit of a chat about swimwear…

As excited as I get for beach season, it doesn't come without its challenges — namely, finding that perfect suit for lounging by the sea. This is an especially tiresome process when you're working with bigger cups up top. Whether you're trying to squeeze into conventionally sized bandeau tops or covertly mismatching suits in the dressing room because you need an L top and an M bottom (hey, we’ve all done it…), finding support, comfort, and style in swimwear is easier said than done. What a pain.

For me, looking sultry in my swimwear is of course important but I also like me a good swim. Note, swim not paddle, so I need something that’s not just going to fall down with every stroke. Also, I tend to go away a lot with my five year old sisters who just looooooooove to try and drown me by sitting on my head – they think it’s funny - so maybe something high-vis would come in handy too haha. Kidding, kind of.

Swimwear can cost a bomb sometimes, especially when they sneakily price the top and bottoms separately but high-street options like Topshop, H&M and ASOS have lots of options!


So... this is where I should talk about all my healthy eating and fitness plans, right? But no. Don't get me wrong, I like a bit of kale and a spin class as much as the next person but this is probably the first year in a very long time where I'm not going overboard in order to achieve my 'ideal summer body'. Firstly because it never f**king makes a difference and also, I'm just lovin' food a lot right now hahaha. Keeping it real here. Of course I have a limit and am trying to maintain my balanced lifestyle with healthy meals during the week and also walking rather than using public transport as much, but I have to admit that BBQ's, ice cream and drinking with my girls in the sunshine is muuuuch more appealing. 

Everything in moderation and most of all, just enjoy life! 




*main image by the lovely Lindsay Humes - @studiolmh