I think we Brits are notorious for moaning about the weather so I'm going to stick to stereotype and tell you how bloody irritating it can be. We experience months and months of downpour to then be overjoyed when the sunshine comes out. We're the sort of people that even when it's just 11 degrees outside, we've got our bikinis out, we're dusting off the picnic blankets and of course, drinking ALL the cider. Or in my case, tin G&T's. However, naturally... that doesn't last long and I can't even tell you the amount of times I've been strutting around in a little summer dress and sandals to then be greeted, very suddenly, by torrential rain. The sticky, humid kind. 

After about the millionth time of that happening and me looking like a miserable drowned rat, I vowed to always have an umbrella with me. However, the one thing I am terrible at is carrying a jacket with me. Either I just forget or I just don't think I'll need it - note that I'm ridiculously stubborn - but it does actually get pretty nippy here in the evenings. With that in mind, I'm trying to find the perfect Summer jacket... the below are the best contenders I've found available right now!



Jack Wills isn't a brand I would usually gravitate toward for jackets however I've been VERY pleasantly surprised to come across their new women's trench coat collection. They have loads of varied styles, lengths and colours which will cater for everyone's personal styles. I've currently got a classic grey, long line trench in my wardrobe, as you'll see below, but I'm really loving the look of the Dollyhill Swing Trench Coat in all three colours; stone, blue and pink. They're all so gorgeous!!!  A trench coat is such an iconic and versatile piece which can be paired with absolutely anything in your wardrobe. Personally I always feel like Sherlock Holmes whenever I wear a trench coat which is obviously a massive plus point haha. If you're struggling at all to know what to pair it with, Jack Wills have created an excellent How To Style A Trench Coat style guide that is really informative; it covers the history of the iconic piece as well as tips and tricks on how to wear it now.

How I style a trench coat... 


A white blazer is my go-to for when I want to smarten up an outfit or for when I need a jacket for the evenings. I won't lie, sometimes I feel like a bit of a doctor but I can deal with it because it looks so chic haha. There are SO many available on the market but in my opinion, blazers are definitely worth investing a bit of money into because they last for ages and you can rely on the quality. Reiss currently have a good selection of white blazers so make sure to go and check them out.  

How I style a white blazer...


Is there anything cooler than a slightly worn biker style leather jacket? Nope, didn't think so. For me, they are TO DIE FOR. Of course you can just wear them normally but I've noticed a lot of people rocking them in an effortless 'just thrown over my shoulder' kind of way which gives a different twist to an outfit. They're so versatile and can give a cool, edgy vibe to a whole range of outfits; whether that be pairing it with a band t-shirt and tailored trousers or contrasted with a floral summer dress. They just make everything look better! I've had quite a few high street versions and they've all been good and totally wearable but my absolute dream is to one day invest in an All Saints leather jacket. Go and have a look and you'll understand why I'm obsessing over them!

I've actually only recently invested in a new leather jacket and surprisingly enough we've had a massive heatwave here in the UK for the past few days so don't have any styling shots to show you!


Styles usually come and go, and then return again, however the denim jacket has remained strong and continues to pop up seasonally. They're such a versatile piece and come in so many silhouettes, washes, and with ever-changing details that the item's been able to withstand pretty much anything fashion throws at it. As I'm sure you've seen, embellished and embroidered denim jackets are all the range at the moment and really do 'jazz' up an outfit. I tend to throw my one over quite causal, minimal outfits to spruce them up. If you want to invest, I'd definitely recommend Levi's for any kind of denim but the high street brands also have some great options available.

How I style a denim jacket...  


I'm totally that girl that puts on a bomber jacket and instantly feels cool. For ages I didn't think they suited me - just because they're quite boxy in shape - but either way, I couldn't care less haha. They're such an easy piece and come in so many different fabrics and patterns. I've got two in my wardrobe, a black textured one and also a floral one, and I love them both and wear them frequently but I feel as though I could do with another colour to mix it up a bit. At the moment I've got my eye on this embroidered one from Glamorous.

How I style a bomber jacket... 


Duster Coats are sooooooooo in right now and are all over my Instagram feed. I think they're the perfect evening jacket and look really chic and stylish over a mini dress and heels. They come in a whole range of colours but personally I'm really loving all the nudey beige ones because they look so goddamn classy. French Connection have a great range of them at the moment - I was practically drooling over them.  

... unfortunately I don't yet own a duster coat so don't have any photos to show you of how I'd style it but that just gives me an excuse to go shopping, doesn't it?


Hope you've enjoyed my roundup of all of my favourite styles of jackets. However, I'm praying that this glorious weather sticks around so I won't need mine anytime soon haha. FINGERS CROSSED!