So, this should be a bit of a funny one. I've seen these 'anti-hauls' around for the last few months (first discovered thanks to the gorgeous Anna from The Anna Edit) and as much as I love seeing what people are buying, I also love seeing what people AREN'T buying and why. Strange concept but roll with it... 

As you know, I love me a bit of fashion and clothes shopping but there are some days where I'm browsing online / strolling around the stores or even just scrolling through my Instagram feed and I come across items that genuinely horrify me a bit. Sorry in advance to all the ladies I follow online, you're all fabulous, it's just that some things aren't my taste. 

That's actually one of my favourite things about fashion; everyone interprets style in so many different ways and some things look genuinely incredible on some but seriously odd on others. It's all part of the fun. 

So, here goes, let's start talking about some of the trends or particular pieces I've spotted that I most definitely WON'T be purchasing.

P.S. If I do, you are fully allowed to mock me until the end of time. 



On paper, they sound inherently comical—a style no one would obsess over. Yet somehow, this niche trend was thrown into the trend world where A-listers are rocking them daily and retailers are scrambling to create their own iteration in time for summer. 

I genuinely don't understand how are these even a thing?! It's like a normal pair of shoes had a baby with a pair of slippers and well, all I can say is, they should've used protection. 



Unicorns are literally everywhere at the moment; not only fashion and beauty but also they've also magically conquered the culinary world too. Sure, it looks snazzy for an Instagram picture – but how is unicorn memorabilia actually an acceptable thing for day-to-day life? 

This nostalgic 'throw a load of glitter over everything' trend just isn't for me. I drew my line at avocado memorabilia. 


Crocs, which (luckily) disappeared from popular discourse around 2008, resurfaced on a London runway last year, when Christopher Kane paired delicate, romantic dresses with the rubber clogs at his Spring ‘17 show. Despite obscuring the shoes with gemstones, I still shudder at the thought. 

Just, why? In my opinion, Crocs shouldn't be worn by anyone between the age of toddler - grandparent. Or in fact, anyone that doesn't work for the NHS. I won't lie, even when I go and visit my grandparents and they offer me to put on a pair of their Crocs to just take a step out into the garden quick for a show around of their newly planted shrubs, I politely refuse. My feet deserve better.


There's no denying that the 80's are back in full swing and mahuuuuuusive shoulder pads are the main giveaway. I don't know if this is just because I have quite broad, manly shoulders as it is but I don't need to accentuate them.

P.S. I always feel like I've just popped on my Dad's suit jacket and as fashionable as he looks, it ain't working for me.


Cropped jeans I get, flared jeans I get but the combination I just know isn't something I can work with.

There's no denying they look great and I spot them all over Instagram and Pinterest daily but there are two points that make me realise they won't be making their way into my wardrobe. Firstly, let's be honest ladies, we all wear jeans when we just can't be assed to shave our legs... and with these cropped pair, you'd definitely have to get out the razor for your ankles. Secondly, from styling I've seen of them, they only really look that great worn with a pair of strappy sandals or heels and well, day-to-day I'm just too lazy for that. 

I've got to that age where although I like to look good, it's definitely comfort over fashion for moi.


These make (mind my language) fuck all sense to me. It's almost like you're screaming 'heyyyyy check out my stuff, does anything take your fancy, go on, oh go on, steal from me'. LIKE WHAT. 

I mean if that wasn't enough of a reason for me to not buy one, my bags are generally filled of the most ridiculous and random things - as well as copious receipts - and it'll just be too shameful. 


So there we go, is anyone going to try and sway my beliefs on any of the above? Are there any fashion trends that you just don't get too?

Look forward to discussing with you guys!