Right so, I feel like I've been a bit gloom and doom recently about 2017 - in real life anyway. I thought 2016 was pretty shocking but my god, 2017 is proving to be a touch testing. Haha told ya, I'm at it again. Anyway, I've decided to SCRAP THAT and focus on all the good stuff! 

I've spent the last couple of weeks picking myself up, having 'prioritising' myself sessions and also investing my time, money and energy into things that make me feel super good and happy. Because, in all honesty, why do anything else? I feel like part of this revelation is down to picking up a copy of 'the life changing magic of not giving a f**k' and I'm kinda kicking myself for not doing it sooner because as the name suggests, it seriously is LIFE CHANGING. So refreshing. 

So here goes, as a bit of an insight for you guys and also to serve as a nice reminder for myself, here are five personal highlights from this year so far. 

P.S. I'm sure there are more than five but these are the first I could think of. Some are things I've done, others are how I've developed as a person...


If you guys are religious readers of this blog, you'll know I visited Cologne a couple of weeks ago. If you're new here, a very big welcome and you can check out my city guide here. I've visited Cologne many, many MANY times and also lived there for a period of my life but each time I go, it feels very different and I grow to love it more and more. 

When I visited last month, my trip couldn't have come at a better time, I was pretty desperate to get out of London and just have some down time and that's exactly what I got. I spent quality time with my close friends and family and just got some time to think about all aspects of my life and the directions I wanted to take.

Cologne is such a beautiful city and is such a great getaway; I can't wait for my next trip!


I live in a flat share with now two lovely ladies. Last month we got ourselves a new housemate and it's really changed the dynamic - positively. It's funny how a good / bad housing dynamic can change how you feel and effect every aspect of your life and I guess finding a new housemate can be a bit of a risk because you never know if you'll be compatible living with someone but 'so far so good' would be an understatement. 

Having a nice living arrangement and atmosphere is one of the best things ever and I actually enjoy being at home which is fab because well, if I'm honest, our flat is bladdy gorgeous!


The last month has been a whirlwind, full of pretty big changes, but it's been so nice to realise how strong I can actually be. Of course there are moments where things get a tough wobbly or I have myself a bit of a life strop, but all in all, I'm finding that with age, I'm getting more secure with who I am as a person and using that as a drive to make decisions in life. 

It's very refreshing because trust me, it hasn't always been that way.


I hope my mum won't mind me writing about this but... this year I've spent some time at my mums new house and it makes me genuinely happy to see her so settled. My mum sold our family home a couple of years ago - mainly because it was too big and my brother and I were no longer living there - and she's settled in a lovely little town in Hampshire. 

As much as we sometimes irritate each other, I can safely say she's one of my very best friends, always around to give me advice / support / love etc and seeing her in her happy in her new environment, surrounded by good friends and working on developing her career really overjoys me!

Good on ya Mum, you're an inspiration.

P.S. Please don't cry. 


This was obviously going to have to make the list. My god, blogging / Instagram-ing definitely has some VERY testing moments. E.G. When I have major writers block / have serious bad lighting so can't take photos / feel like I look fat in every single photo / forget to save my blog post whilst drafting, lose it all and have a tantrum / only get 3 hours sleep because I'm rushing the following days blog post / when I get infuriated by the follow & unfollow sitch on Instagram - grrrrrrr. You get my gist. 

But, despite the above, I couldn't be happier with the journey so far and if I say so myself, I'm also a little proud of myself. I've never stuck something out so consistently and it's quite surprising, even to me. Thanks to blogging I've not only been able to develop on my writing skills, I've also got the opportunity to work with some great brands and also meet some lovely bloggers in real life and also via here or Instagram. I love that I've been able to connect with likeminded people who just get it. Don't get me wrong, my friends are great and most of them are super supportive but sometimes it's just nice to have a rant / vent with another blogger who feels the exact frustrations as you or can celebrate your minor victories because they're just as important to them.

Anyway, in a nutshell, I'm soooooooo glad that I'm sticking it out and I can't wait to see how this journey pans out.


... I know I said five... but how the hell could I miss out the fact that I saw my absolute favourite Craig David this year?!??!??!? HE WAS EPIC AND I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT!


Sorry for blabbing on and on, sometimes I get a bit carried away haha. Hope that wasn't too long for you! 

I'd really LOVE to hear about your personal highlights and get to know you guys better.