*Opening disclaimer, the thumbnail image isn't my bedroom but my god I wish it was. It's actually the lovely Kate La Vie (and boyfriends) bedroom - you'll hear more about her later. 

Clothes have always been a love of mine but another love has crept up on me, slowly but surely, and now there’s no denying it. That love being… home interiors. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always *heart eyed* pretty interiors – e.g. I couldn’t get enough of all the marble and fancy gadgets that were shown on MTV Cribs back in the day, but over the years, my viewing pleasure and taste has definitely matured.

I don’t know if it’s something that’s developed with age, due to following Kate La Vie on Instagram or if it’s down to my unhealthy obsession with Pinterest but I could more than happily spend weekends browsing interior shops, searching for the perfect pieces for my current flat – or even future homes to come. The dream is real.

I’ve currently moved into a new space and have spent some time re-organising, adding a few new bits and stamping my mark on my new environment. One big change I’ve made is creating a gallery wall. I’ve wanted to do one for ages now, you can see a previous blog post talking about it here but it’s taken a couple of months to get the right frames, proportions and more importantly – prints that I love and that work with the rest of the space. I think it’s going to be an on-going project, something I alter sometimes or add to but for now, I’m really happy with the outcome and it really brings my bedroom alive.

I have quite classic taste and hate anything overly garish. As well as that, I'm pretty minimalist by nature - inherited by my darling Mother - and absolutely hate clutter. So now you have an idea of how I like things but with that said, trinkets and cute little bits e.g. terrariums don't count as clutter in my eyes haha. I'm such a typical woman.

I won’t lie, this post was more of an excuse for me to have a reason to do some online browsing for new interior stuff… thanks blog for making my shopping addiction acceptable. But if any of you are also interior lovers too, I thought it might be interesting to outline my favourite interior shops and some pieces that I’m lusting over at the moment.


H&M is my go to for when I'm looking for trendy interior basics on a budget. They're fab at the little touches, like trinkets but also things like cushions. Massive thumbs up from me.

Leaf Print Cushion Cover

hmprod (1).jpg
hmprod (2).jpg



I can't get over Oliver Bonas; every time I walk past one, I just have to go in! They do a bit of everything, gifts, books, clothing, jewellery, artwork, trinkets as well as proper furniture so no matter what you're on the hunt for, you're likely to find it there. 

Grey Hudson Pouffe


Dog Person Wall Art  (I don't even have a dog - yet - but this is just too cute)




Anthropologie is just another world. Everything is so beautiful and Pinterest worthy that I'm almost a little terrified whilst walking around that I'm going to smash everything - and in turn end up with a hefty bill on my hands. I feel like the shop is just as much of an experience as it is a shop! I won't lie, some of there things are a bit too 'pattern happy' for my liking but other bits are just the right amount of colour for me.


Gilded Monogram Glass




Heals is my absolute dream. I've actually lusted over every single item in Heals for years now and am waiting for my first proper home so that I can fill it with furniture from Heals. I don't know how I'm going to afford any of it but my god, will it look beautiful!!! Heals specialises in modern furniture so y'know the big stuff, tables, chairs, sofas.... aaaaaaaaaaaahh I WANT IT ALL.

Hepburn Wool Sofa




The stuff in Zara Home is absolutely gorgeous, there's no denying that. Their collection tends to be a middle ground between high street and high end so you can often find great quality items for fairly reasonable prices. I'm particularly fond of their bedding!

Glass and Metal Frame




Habitat is probably my #1 go to for when I need to do interior shopping because they house everything under one roof so you can pretty much find anything you need there. Proper life saver!! It's great for all the little bits but also has some great furniture too that I'm constantly lusting over. As you'll see below, they also do some gorgeous statement coloured pieces!

Multi Coloured Cushion


I really hope this post helps some of you that are potentially moving, or if you're looking to spruce up your flat / house. Or if you're anything like me, like to procrastinate by looking at items that I can't really afford hahaha.

Have a great week!