So, if you haven't already noticed, makeup and beauty isn't something I talk about too much on here. Don't get me wrong, I loooooove makeup and in fact, don't think I could live without the stuff but I'm not overly confident talking about techniques or the like because I'm in no way, shape or form a makeup artist. 

I stick to the same makeup look pretty much daily and only get experimental when I go out but that only goes as far as a bit of shimmer on the eyes or a bold lip. I envy the women on Instagram or Youtube who can create mind blowing, beautiful looks but unfortunately, I don't have the patience or the makeup collection to do the same. Mainly the patience to be honest haha. 

Saying all that, there are definitely products that I reach for daily / weekly and most of them I've repurchased. Seeing as I'm always keen to find out new products or brands, I thought it might be a nice idea to share my holy grail products with you. 


I think we can all admit that a good, flawless base is every woman's dream. However that is something that can take a lot of trialling and in turn, spending a lot of cash. I actually discovered this foundation on a bit of a whim; I was actually looking to buy the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation whilst at the airport but they had run out, so the lady suggested this one and I couldn't be happier that she did!!! 

At first it scared me a bit because it's extremely watery in texture but once applied - I use my trusty beauty blender - it leaves such a flawless, natural, slightly sheeny finish. It lasts pretty well on my skin and I only really need to powder my t-zone in the afternoon if it's been a particularly warm day. You know the drill.

Very happy about this one, thank you Mrs Duty Free Lady. 


This is also a fairly new discovery for me. I'm a bit of a hussy when it comes to concealers and kind of just try out new ones each and every time but this is one I'm definitely keen to repurchase. I've actually tried the foundation version of the collection and really got along with it so thought I'd give the concealer a whirl. My skin is fairly blemish free apart from when I'm hormonal - the bane of my life - so I only really use it to cover up my dark circles. 

The colour match is perfect for me, it's so easily to apply and blends really well and doesn't crease. What more could you ask for?!

P.S. I need all the 'anti fatigue' I can get!



I've heard a lot of good things about the H&M beauty collection and although it's not new, I hadn't yet bought anything from there. I've always been quite a fan of high-street makeup because I know a lot of brands use the same factories as higher end brands so the formulas tend to be very similar so when I was last in H&M, I went a little crazy.... oops.

One of the items I bought was this blusher in Cameo Pink. I tend to go for quite browny pinks because they're the colours that suit my skin tone the most and I really like this shade, it's the right amount of pigment for a blush and leaves a nice glow on the skin. I also think the packaging is pretty cute for a lower end product.


This stuff is HEAVENLY. I've been using this for months and am still nowhere near hitting pan and that makes me incredibly happy. Milani is actually a brand that I hadn't really heard much of but whilst researching bronzers, I found some really good reviews online for this one and so thought I'd test it out. It's without a doubt the best bronzer I've ever used. 

I'm usually a bit scared of bronzers because a lot of the ones I've tried are quite 'muddy' and can look quite dirty when applied to the skin but this one applies like a dream. It’s a swirl marble design with gold shimmers running through it which leave a hint of a sheeny glow on your cheeks which is really natural. I'm just faking a holiday glow until I get a chance to actually get some sunshine.


Ever since the days of high beam, I've always stayed loyal to Benefit when it came to highlighters. Unlike the others that the brand boasts, this one comes in a creamy stick with a little sponge applicator on the other end. I find that some highlighters can be a bit too 'wow' for me, or at least for every day, but this highlight is the most perfect warm, champagne, golden colour and is very flattering on the skin. 

The staying power is amazing and it keeps its cream like texture throughout the day which leaves you with a glowy sheen, unlike other formulas that are a bit too 'stripey' for me. 


I genuinely don't know what I'd do without this product. I spent years and years and years fighting back the tears because I'd f**ked up yet another attempt at doing my liquid liner. For me, it was a constant battle of just not getting the hang of it. The thing about liner is that, in theory, it should be so easy... just draw a line, just draw a line, but in reality, it's a NIGHTMARE. One eye is always easier than the other, many products smudge really easily and leave you looking like you've got a black eye and others just aren't black enough so it just looks a little strange once applied.

I actually gave up using liquid eyeliner for a long time until I found this one from Soap and Glory. I don't know what made me pick it up all those years ago but I now rave about it to everyone I know and there hasn't been a day since that I haven't used it. I feel a little naked without it.

The nib is so fine that its much easier (easier, not easy) to draw a straight and even line, the colour itself is really jet black and the staying power is really really good. Holy grail without a doubt. 


These two are just a match made in lip heaven. I've always turned to MAC for lip products and they've never let me down. For those of you that know me in real life, or follow me on Instagram, you probably would've noticed that I'm a nude lip wearer through and through. This wasn't always the way but for the past year or two, I've been a massive fan of a good ol' nude. So much so that I have a few too many in my collection. Despite that, the combination I reach for - almost daily - are Taupe lipstick and Whirl liner. 

Taupe is the perfect 90's nude that looks really flattering on my skin-tone and despite being a matte, isn't too matte so isn't drying at all. And Whirl is it's perfect match; it's pretty much the same shade so leaves you with perfectly shaped, slightly plump looking lips. Kylie best watch out with this lip combo haha.


So there ya go, now you've had a sneak peak into my collection! I'd LOOOOVE to know if any of you use any of the products above or if there are any products that you'd recommend.