I feel like all I’m doing at the moment is eating breakfast / brunch / lunch / linner / dinner etc at some London restaurant and hey, I’m totally fine with that. My waist line isn’t so fine with it but we’ll let that slide haha.

I’ve found myself frequenting more and more new restaurants, some in the name of this blog (you're welcome), but this year I’ve definitely discovered some new favourites that I couldn’t recommend enough. There's a whole variety in the mix, from casual affairs to proper swanky meals out. I can assure you, if you visit any of the below, you'll be in for a real treat! 

I’m not only going to outline why I love them so much but I'm also going to tell you what I ordered when I went so you can get a feel of the menu...


This restaurant is very close to home, just across the Bridge over toward Putney – hence the name. I’d heard countless raving reviews about the small chain (they also have Boma Green and Boma WBR) and my god, it didn’t disappoint.

The restaurant itself has such a relaxed, chilled atmosphere with attentive staff and delicious food. As a whole, the food is healthy yet wholesome which is right up my street but they still have some naughty tempting options too.

WHAT DID I ORDER? Puffed Quinoa Salad w/ Buckwheat, Smoked Chicken, Kale, Edamame, Crispy Avocado, Feta and a Lemon Vinaigrette




For someone that’s half Indian, I actually don’t opt to have an Indian meal too often – unless its homemade by my grandma that is. However, this restaurant was actually a surprise dinner and it was probably some of the best Indian food I’ve had. Ever.

The restaurant itself has actually been awarded a Michelin star and it’s easy to see why. The ambience, service, cocktails and of course, the food was all 5*. I’d definitely save it for a special occasion because it is a touch pricey but nonetheless, I’d happily go back to enjoy the food again.

WHAT DID I ORDER? Chicken Tikka, Naan, Aloo Gobbi, Saag and Lemon and Cashew Rice

(Sorry, didn't take any photos of the food when I was there!)



I think Timmy Green is one of the most Instagrammable places I’ve ever been to. Every aspect of the experience was the *eye heart* emoji. The Aussie chain is known for being a go-to for all day brunch options and as you know, brunch is my THING so it was only a matter of time before I went.

The venue itself is, dare I say it, a bloggers dream with marble table tops, pastel hues, neon lights, botanical hangings and plenty of natural light pouring in. There's also a mini grand piano in the corner of the room to top it all off. But the food is the part that definitely makes it worth a second, third etc visit. The menu houses a selection of healthy options as well as indulgent treats but all of the dishes are clearly made with the freshest of ingredients and the presentation is pretty damn impeccable.

WHAT DID I ORDER? (Shared...) Avocado on Charcoal Toast and Banana Bread Sandwitch w/ Berries and Marscapone



So, Bunga Bunga is an experience – live music, waiters dressed as gondoliers, retro tunes, cocktails delivered in novelty Mario or Tower Of Pisa mugs and the like. And that’s just a small insight into the madness. At Bunga Bunga, the level of fun on offer tends to nudge your expectations downwards in terms of the food you’ll be getting because well, a ‘novelty’ restaurant doesn’t tend to scream “incredible food” but my god, could that be further from the truth.  

The food is most definitely made for sharing but so good that you really don’t want to share. If I haven’t already mentioned it, my Dad actually lives in Rome so I’ve had the pleasure of having some reaaaalllyyy good pizza in my lifetime but I’d say that the pizza at Bunga Bunga is of a pretty high standard. They arrive on long, wooden board,  Roman style; super thin and crispy and are generously topped with a variety of toppings!

WHAT DID I ORDER? (Shared, between 5 btw haha...) Ruby Loves, Italy's Fun Guy, Po Pa Pollo & Italian Stallion



I know earlier I said that I didn’t go to Indian restaurants very often and now I’m throwing in another one but I think this is the year I try out them all haha.

For a now chain, Dishoom is charmingly authentic, everything from the fragrant chai that's brought to you as you wait to the 'hustle and bustle' true India feel inside. It’s a fairly casual restaurant with elegant painted brickwork, old photographs on the walls, dark wood tables with white marble tops, tall dark shutters and trendy, discreet lighting. I really loved the vintage feel that all this evokes.

The food was, honestly, out of this world, and it genuinely shocked me because despite all of the raving reviews, I wasn't sure it would live up to my high standards but it really really did. The food was so authentic and tasty!

WHAT DID I ORDER? Dishoom Calamari, Far Far, Vegetable Samosas & Chicken Tikka Roll



Another brunch / lunch haven that I recently discovered was Sunday. If I'm honest, I have to credit one of my very great gal pals Meera because she's a fellow brunch lover too so whenever we meet up, we make sure it's over a new brunch place and Sunday was one of those days. We'd both been lusting over their Instagram posts for aaaaaaaages and knew we had to go along to take our own (slightly shameful) pics haha. 

It's very cute and quaint, and kind of in the middle of nowhere, but when you arrive and there's a queue out the door - as annoying as it is - you know you've found a gooden. The menu choices were delish and pretty unusual and of course, the presentation was delightful! There were many snaps a taken. I only sampled a savoury dish when we went, which is actually very unlike me, so I've very eager to go back soon to try out something a touch naughtier. 

WHAT DID I ORDER? Courgette Fritters w/ Halloumi & Avocado


Mmmmmmmm I'm SO bloody hungry now!!!

Where to next, eh? Stay tuned...