Last week I got the absolute pleasure of getting pampered at the new RUSH hair salon in Wimbledon Village and I couldn't rave about the experience enough!

I’ve actually used RUSH salons for many years and have always come away very impressed with the service all round so when I got asked if I’d like to have a complimentary appointment at the new opening, of course I jumped at the chance!

The salon itself is very modern and plush with stunning interior touches. To me, a salon should scream luxury and RUSH Wimbledon Village definitely didn't disappoint - the whole experience, as well as the ambience, was outstanding from start to finish.

I was welcomed with a glass of Prosecco as well as chocolates and popcorn (what more could a girl want?) by the lovely Becky and after a short wait in the waiting area, I was shown to my chair where I first had a consultation with one of the salons Senior Directors, Zoe H, where we discussed my hair history, hair type and what the end goal was. She was fabulous, so informative and really showed an interest and care into my hair. After a bit of a chat, we decided to keep the length of my hair but add in a few more layers to give it some more bounce and movement because my hair can get a little flat - not ideal

I was then guided toward the shampoo area by Becky which was such a delight! The space was low lit and so calming and I instantly felt at ease in Becky's company; we chatted away about anything and everything (and not just because we wanted to fill awkward silences ha) whilst she shampoo'd and conditioned my hair. Isn't getting your hair washed just the BEST. FEELING. EVER? And don't even get me started on the head massage... pure heaven!!!

Zoe stuck to her word and only got rid of some of the dead ends whilst still trying to keep the length as much as possible. I love it when a hairdresser actually listens and follows through on the vision... it avoids any tears haha. Once trimmed, she blow dried my hair into bouncy waves which I could only dream to recreate!! Pretty Victoria Secret, eh?

As I said before, the whole experience was so lovely and relaxing and I walked out feeling like an absolute goddess. Swish swish indeed.