"What do you want for dinner?"

... isn't that the most dreaded question ever? My mum used to ask my brother and I every morning on the way to school and we would respond with either shrugs or 'ermmmmmmmmmm I dunno, anything'. Not the most helpful of answers, I know, but sometimes its tricky. This is not helped by the fact that I'm the most indecisive person evaaaaaaar.

I'm a bit of a nightmare when it comes to cooking. I absolutely love to cook and when I have the time (and energy), I can whip up a really great meal - in my opinion anyway, but I haven't killed anyone yet so I'm sticking to it. 

Despite that, I can easily get pretty slack with dinners, especially now I'm cooking for one (don't worry, the violin isn't coming out!) But yeah, I tend to fall back on the trusty box of cereal or quick an easy beans on toast when I just can't be bothered to think about what to eat for dinner. Bit silly.

I've decided it's time to snap out of it and start making a conscious effort to cook more in the evenings. As I said, cooking is a big passion of mine and I have countless and countless recipe books lying around at home so I'm going to put them to good use. 

To prove to you that I'm at least trying, here's a meal I made this week taking inspiration from one of Jamie Oliver's recipes; it was delicious, nutritious and so quick and easy to rustle up.

Peace out to any vegetarians / vegans but I'm a massive chicken fan; grilled, roasted, deep fried (especially) - it's allllll good and it's definitely a go-to ingredient because it's so versatile. The dinner I made was pretty simple because if I'm honest, the last thing I want to do on a weeknight is slave away for hours in front of the stove, but it's great to know that with just a few ingredients and some clock watching, you can create something mouth watering. 


1 chicken breast 

A few rashers of pancetta 


Green beans 



Cherry tomatoes 


A slash of balsamic and seasoning


Wanna know the best thing about this dish? Minimal washing up because you can just bung it all into one oven dish. Winnnnnning.

However, apart from making you hungry, I thought I'd link you to some easy dinner recipes for when you're feeling stuck for ideas. 

Spring Risotto

Loaded Mexican-Style Sweet Potato Skins

Cashew Pesto Pasta

Quick Lamb Tagine

Falafel Wraps

Stir Fried Barley w/ Chicken & Bok Choy


P.S. If anyone fancies cooking for me anytime soon, I'm very much game. That's open to you too mum - please and thank you.