The fashion world fascinates me and I get caught up in trying out new styles every season. This season its embroidery, ruffles, pink, pink and more pink. 

Despite all that, there are definitely key items within my wardrobe that I fall back on pretty regularly; either out of laziness or just because I know they're classic pieces that work well (almost) every time. 

You'll notice that each piece is a classic shape and colour as I feel as though those are the pieces which stand the test of time and are also easily interchangeable.

Below I'm not only going to outline the pieces I have, show you a couple of pictures, but I'm also going to give you links to similar items that are currently available for you to purchase online. Let's start...


I don't wear my Whistles shirt very often, mainly because I'm terrified of getting makeup (or more likely, food) all down it but when I do, I feel like an absolute boss. There's just something so chic and effortless about a crisp white shirt and it's such a versatile piece so you can pair it with pretty much anything; under a pinafore, tucked into a skirt or over a pair of skinny jeans. It's a winner every time. 

Here are some alternatives that I'm loving:

THE WHITE COMPANY - Cotton White Shirt

M&S - Linen White Shirt

NEXT - White Off Shoulder Shirt


I try really really hard not to constantly gravitate toward my trusty black Jamie jeans from Topshop but I can't actually pinpoint the last day I didn't wear them. So regularly that I've actually got 3 pairs of them.... but y'know, if something works, it works. I can't help that.

Here are some alternatives that I'm loving:

RIVER ISLAND - Black Super Skinny Jeans

ASOS - Ridley Black Jeans


I feel as though the perfect black coat is hard to find but when you find out that works for you, it's something that you'll keep in your wardrobe for years to come. I'm a coat hoarder so have several black coats but I seem to have found the majority of them at Zara. They're always classic, long-ish shapes to suit my tall frame. 

... wish I could show you some alternatives but it's not really the season. 


I'm not going to harp on about this coat too much because I don't stop talking about it on social media and I also have a dedicated post raving about it (which you can read here) so I'm going to keep it short and sweet. A camel coat, in my opinion, is life changing. 

... again, as above.


Basic but oh so crucial. Again, this Topshop vest is something I've repurchased several times because I don't think I could live without it. It's a great layering piece but also works just as well as a regular top, tucked into skirts or paired with tailored trousers. Versatility is key.

Here are some alternatives that I'm loving:

MATALAN - Black Cami Top

RIVER ISLAND - Black T-Bar Cami Top

TOPSHOP - Double Strap Cami


There's just something oh so chic and Parisienne about a striped tee. Without realising, I've collated about 6 in my wardrobe over the years but I'm not unhappy about it. For me, a striped tee has such an effortless 'weekend' vibe to it and I love wearing them in so many different ways; with a leather skirt or tucked into baggy ripped jeans. 

Here are some alternatives that I'm loving:

TOPSHOP - Striped Wrap Top

ASOS - Striped T-Shirt


We all need that one dress that we know we're going to WOW in. I have quite a few statement dresses in my wardrobe, some that I've worn loads and loads but others that I've only worn once but can't bear to part with. My favourite has to be this New Look lace bodycon dress that I bought on a whim for my last birthday, it's very unlike something I'd usually wear but it went down very well...

Here are some alternatives that I'm loving:

WHISTLES - Frill Lace Dress

BOOHOO - Blue Lace Strappy Dress

FRENCH CONNECTION - Lace Fit & Flare Dress


I only invested in a black jumpsuit about 2 or 3 years ago and I seriously don't know how I survived beforehand. This one from ASOS is my go-to for when I have no idea what to wear because accessories and different shoe and jacket pairings can really switch it up so it doesn't matter if you've worn it a thousand times. Even though it's a great evening staple, I don't shy away from wearing it in the day either... paired with a tee underneath or with a bomber on top makes it look like a completely different piece. 

Here are some alternatives that I'm loving:

H&M - Strappy Black Jumpsuit

Topshop - Black Jumpsuit


People know when I'm having a lazy day at work because I'll rock up in my denim shirt. It's so effortless and easy but it just works, every single time. You can pair it any kind of skirt or trouser combination or you can even wear it under a jumper for a cool layering look. 

Here are some alternatives that I'm loving:

VERO MODA - Denim Shirt

MATALAN - Denim Shirt

TOPSHOP - Ripped Denim Shirt


Oh Chelsea boots, I could kiss the makers of them. Anyone that knows me in real life knows that if I'm not wearing trainers / slip ons, I'm wearing Chelsea boots. They're SO easy to wear and go with absolutely everything, skirts, trousers, jeans. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!

Here are some alternatives that I'm loving:

ASOS - Flat Chelsea Boots

OFFICE - Leather Chelsea Boots

NEW LOOK - Suede Chelsea Boots


What are the items in your wardrobe that you go back to over and over again?!