I'm sure you're all aware by now that I live and work in London so I'm very lucky to get the opportunity to see and do lots of cool things in the Capital. Saying that, I'm not a millionaire just yet so can't live the dream life constantly. Oh but a girl can dream, right?

In today's post, I'm going to let my imagination run wild and outline how I'd spend my perfect weekend in London IF I magically won the lottery tomorrow or - even more magically - married a Prince...


9 AM

There are new hotels popping up in London all the time to cater for the masses of tourists that visit the City but there are a few which I'd die to stay in. If I had it my way, I'd wake up with my head resting on a plump, perfectly formed pillow in a gorgeous suite at the Ham Yard Hotel. Waking up to some hunk would be nice too...

11 AM 

We all know that I'm an absolute sucker for brunch. Any kind of brunch. But nothing quite beats a boozy brunch with a view at Duck & Waffle. I'd order the mouth watering 'The Full Elvis'; a sweet and sticky mountain of waffles, bananas, peanut butter, fruit and cream... because y'know, calories don't exist in this dream. 

1 PM 

I'd black cab it over to Selfridges where I'd peruse every floor - even the electrical goods floor because why the hell not - and finally get my hands on the gorgeous Chloe Faye handbag I've been lusting over. 

4 PM

Hours and hours worth of shopping would obviously mean I'd worked up an appetite and calls for a pick me up. I'm a massive fan of Ella Woodward (Deliciously Ella) and have wanted to go to The Mae Deli for aaaaaaages so I'd stroll down to Seymour Street and swing by there for a smoothie and energy ball. Delish.


5 PM

So, the Ham Yard Hotel is bladdy gorgeous but wanna know the main reason I'm desperate to stay there? They have their own bowling alley on site. I mean, come on, it doesn't get more perfect than that. I'd head back to the hotel and stop off at the bowling alley for a quick game or two - which I'd obviously win. 

6 PM

I'm an absolute nightmare when it comes to hair & makeup; I've got my signature look and it gets me by I guess. However, I'm the kind of girl who tries to do a smokey eye makeup look and ends up looking like she's got a black eye. Not ideal. So I'd get in the professionals from BLOW Ltd to come to my hotel room, work some magic and make me look absolutely divine. All ready for dinner...

8 PM

London is jam packed with incredible restaurants but the one restaurant that makes me salivate just thinking about it is Hawksmoor. I've only been once and left in the most heavenly of food coma so I'd definitely wanna recreate that feeling. The drinks, the meat, the CHIPS... all of it is out of this world. 

10 PM

Apparently in this dream, I'm the kind of girl who can make it out past 10pm without yawning or yearning for my bed. In reality, not so much. For my gin fix, I'd order a round of cocktails at Mr Fogg's Gin Parlour because it's just one of the coolest places in London; so kitsch and unique!

11 PM

Head back to the hotel because this girl still needs her beauty sleep...


10 AM

Breakfast is fantastic. I'd have breakfast food at any time of the day but what tops it for me is breakfast in bed. I mean, does life get much better than that? I'm always going to have eyes bigger than my stomach so no doubt I'd over order; full english, pancakes, fruit... and of course, a cheeky pain au chocolat. All washed down with freshly squeezed OJ.

11:30 AM 

I'd head over to Akasha Spa and have a looong soak in the jacuzzi because what better way is there to spend a Sunday morning? If I was feeling extra naughty (which naturally I would), I'd also book myself into a full body massage. HEAVEN.

2 PM

Because I couldn't go to the Hotel Cafe Royal without stopping off for afternoon tea. I've actually been lucky enough to have afternoon tea in their The Oscar Wilde Bar before and my god, it was divine. The whole experience was phenomenal so I'd definitely be more than happy to take a seat in their opulent, golden room and devour the array of sweet and savoury treats whilst listening to the live piano. It's all very fancy and I'm totally fine with that!

5 PM 

I'd probably need to walk off all that food afterward so I'd take a trip to one of my favourite areas in London; Notting Hill. I could happily spend hours and hours strolling around admiring all the pretty painted houses. It's definitely a sight for sore eyes. But the best thing about Notting Hill as an area is the vibe and buzz around the market; you can't help but be entranced by it all. 


6:30 PM 

A glass of wine on a Sunday evening is just perfection for me so I'd order a glass of vino at the Wine Room. They have up to 150 bottles on offer... how on earth could I pick between them?! Saying that, I'm not very fussy when it comes to booze... haha.

8 PM 

Sometimes a girl just needs a burger and I'm all for getting a bit messy. So to end off this perfect weekend, I'd head to The Electric Diner for a proper American style burger. The full works; cheese, bacon, onion rings... mmmmmm. I've visited The Electric Diner before for brunch and the food was amazing (see my review here) but the whole time, I was watching the waiter walk back and forth from the kitchen with the juiciest, packed full of yumminess, burgers and am desperate to go back to sample one.


... and then it'd be back to reality for me. No Cinderella moments here unfortunately. I hope you've enjoyed coming along on my fantasy weekend; how would YOU spend your dream weekend?