If it would have no repercussion on my waistline, I’d pour myself a large (and I mean, LARGE) bowl of co-co pops every morning or grab myself an almond croissant en route to work. However, the phrase ‘moment on the lips, lifetime on the hips’ couldn’t be more relevant to me.

I know when (and how) to indulge treat myself but day-to-day I try and have healthy, well balanced meals that make me feel good. Especially in the mornings, I really try and fuel myself with a good amount of complex carbs so that I’m not reaching for those darn bourbon biscuits come 11am. During the week I usually make myself a bowl of porridge topped with fruit and seeds but come the weekends, I like to mix it up and rustle up something a bit more adventurous – pancakes, avocado on toast and omelettes are my go-to's if I'm cooking for myself at home.

Now that Spring has arrived, as much as I love porridge, it seems a bit ‘heavy’ for the mornings. I’ve made basic overnight oats many times before but I’ve always played it quite safe so I thought that I’d make things a bit more exciting for the next few mornings and make some overnight oats with a twist.

Breakfast on-the-go has never been so healthy and overnight oats are ridiculously easy to make so for all you cooking novices, they're a perfect starting point. You basically just mix up all the ingredients, pop the jars in the fridge for a few hours - or overnight - and in the morning, go ahead and top your jars / containers with yummy toppings. And hey presto, you've got yourself a delicious breakfast.

I won't lie, usually I'd make at least one kinda of cacao / chocolate variation but I've given up chocolate for lent so I've had to go down the fruity avenue instead... *sobs* (kiddin, they're still darn tasty!)

Please note that these measurements aren't exact and are all dependent on how much you want to eat. No judgement here. Also, when I say 'cup', I mean an average mug full. 


I mean, peanut butter and banana are just a match made in heaven... 

1 cup of oats 

1 cup of almond / soya milk 

1 mashed banana 

1 tablespoon of peanut butter 

A drizzle of honey 

Pinch of cinnamon 


Topping options: chopped banana, grated dark chocolate, chopped nuts etc


I'm totally game for anything cake-like for breakfast... (plus you get to feel all healthy because you're getting your vegetable fix in early!)

1 cup of oats 

1 cup of almond / soya milk

1 finely grated carrot 

A large handful of mixed dried fruit (sultanas, raisins etc)

Pinch of cinnamon

Pinch of all spice 

Drizzle of good quality maple syrup


Topping options: grated carrot, creme fraiche, sultanas etc


Blueberries just make everything look pretty... 

1 cup of oats 

1 cup of almond / soya milk 

Mixed berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries)

Splash of vanilla extract 

Drizzle of honey 


Topping options: flaked almonds, blueberries etc


And now, there's nothing left but to dig in! With the portions I've made, it looks like I'll be eating overnight oats for the rest of the month haha. Definitely not complaining though.... they're all delicious!

P.S. Am I the only one who gets super excited by mason jars and the like? They're just so cute - and practical. My god, I'm old.