I'm a monochrome lover through and through and I most definitely have my Dad to blame for this.

He's the kind of man who will wear head-to-toe black no matter the occasion, no matter the weather, and pull it off in such an effortlessly stylish way that it's almost irritating. For years I mocked him for his style choices and at times begged him to wear something other than his 'funeral attire' but then at some point it just clicked. Black is a great colour. It's easy. It's chic. It's flattering. What's not to love? Ever since that moment, I've never looked back. 

I’m the type of person who will find a piece of clothing I love and then check if said item comes in either black, grey or if I’m feeling adventurous, white. I love knowing that when my entire closet fails me, I can put on my black skinny jeans and a black jumper and everything will be absolutely dandy.

If, like me, you're one of those people who find comfort in black but you're ready to spruce things up a bit, there are several ways to inject a bit of colour into your wardrobe. With Spring fast approaching, here are the few ways that I'll TRY to do so, with images below of the few rare colourful items in my wardrobe and also some suggestions of pieces available on the high street at the moment.



It's so easy to reach for a simple black pair of of shoes because they're guaranteed to look great with any outfit option. However a great pop of coloured (or patterned) shoes in any style can elevate an outfit and look super stylish. 

Topshop - Red Boots

Aldo - Blue Strappy Heels

Asos - Pink Ballet Flats


This is such an obvious one and has such an impact but is easily overlooked. Whether you add a red lip to your little black dress or a fuchsia pink with a crisp white dress in the summer, a slick of lipstick is the quickest way to add colour to your look. 

Revlon - Colorburst Balm Stain

Chanel - Rouge Allure Lip Colour

L'oreal Paris - Color Riche Exclusive Reds


As much as I love lipstick, nail polish is another subtle way to add a little colour to any outfit and there are so many more varieties when it comes to colour options. Neutral and black clothes look great with any colour on your nails. I personally have loads of different nail varnishes which I'd love to wear in clothing form but don't have the guts to pull off so it's a great alternative. Does anyone else feel the same?

Essie - Rock The Runway

Barry M - Bikini

Nails Inc - Devonshire Row


Neutral or monochromatic clothing provides the perfect background for a striking piece of statement jewellery, and allows it to take the centre stage.

Anthropologie - Turquoise Barcelona Necklace

Accessorize - Blue Bib Necklace

H&M - Light Pink Satin Choker


A colourful clutch or tote is not only eye-catching but also practical - win win. There are so many varieties, whether it be a block colour of a primary shade or several in a pattern, there'll surely be a type to suit every persons individual style. I personally have several colourful bags as it's easy to just throw one on with any outfit and it completely changes the look. 

Zara - Red Bag

Warehouse - Fuchsia Cross Body Bag

Whistles - Green Cross Body Bag

I've vowed that 2017 is the year I, at least try to, inject more colour into my predominantly black wardrobe. At least it gives me an excuse to hit the shops...

Who wants to join me on my colour hunt?!