As nice as the festive period is, my god it can be stressful. Shoving your fellow shopper out the way so you can grab the last roll of the only tasteful wrapping paper in the shop, timing your roast dinner to perfection, spending days and days trying to think of the perfect present for your grandparents who genuinely have it all and don't get me started on the countless social commitments.

Stress can have a huge impact on our skin, hair and nails, but rather than letting it get you down, find ways to integrate a little bit of self-care into your routine. Whether you need to relax on a Sunday evening before a hectic week at work, or, if you need to unwind after a testing day, reach for products that make you feel special and indulgent. It may be the season of giving, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat yourself too!

I was really lucky to be sent a lovely gift box from the team at L'occitane, filled with a lovely array of products from their Cherry Blossom range. Firstly, as expected from L'occitane, the packaging is absolutely divine and so it would make for a great gift idea for this time of year. As soon as I lifted the lid of the box, the sweet scent of Cherry Blossom engulfed the whole room. It's such a lovely scent, soft and floral, which makes quite the contrast to the heavier scents and notes available at this time of year. It has the right balance between being sweet yet not sickly and the scent lasts really well on the skin.


My gift box included a perfumed soap, shimmering body lotion, bath & shower gel and also a hand cream. Every single one of the products makes a great addition to my pamper routine but the one highlight product for me would be the hand cream. I'm not usually one to use hand creams but now that the temperature has dropped, I've noticed that my hands are getting drier and are needing a bit of extra nourishment. The L'occitane hand cream does just the trick and I've already popped it in my handbag so that I've got it with me at all times!


L'occitane have a wide variety of gifting options this time of year, featuring some of their classic products, as well as some new additions so make sure you visit their website to see what you can buy as a little festive treat for yourself - or for a loved one!


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