Like any professional business, especially of the entrepreneur variety, we bloggers have a lot of things that we need to help grow our business. When 'popping to the office supplies cupboard' is no longer a thing, the list can get pretty long... we need better equipment, better skills, better networking, and better tools to help us do what we do even better. But, most bloggers start small, build slowly and invest their money frugally and as wisely as possible. That's certainly what I've tried to do anyway! 

With Christmas fast approaching, long gone are the days of long lists to Santa featuring half of Zara's A/W collection or yet another nude lipstick to add to my already excessive hoard. A large percentage of income that I generate is reinvested into building my brand and so any tools or equipment to help with that too is always very much welcome. I'm pretty sure a 64GB memory card would make me squeal with joy because it's genuinely the kind of thing I never want to buy myself but they really do come in handy.

For those of you that are bloggers, or for any of you who know any bloggers / creative souls that you need to buy a gift for this Christmas, I hope that this gift guide will be helpful! I've tried to cover a wide variety of things, from flatlay props to techy necessities.

(As always, click on the image below to be taken to the relevant website!)

So, if allllll of those aren't enough, I have some other ideas for you...

As a blogger / entrepreneur, I'm always conscious of the fact that industries are forever developing and changing so the need to stay educated is crucial. There's a whole range of really helpful courses online that you could buy for someone as a gift - I'm currently enrolled on a beginners photography course on Udemy and I couldn't recommend it enough! Other than that, podcasts, e-books and the like are all really helpful too!

Another nice idea would be a gift card for an online retailer where your loved one could design their own business cards. They're absolutely essential, especially in the world of blogging for networking and such, but it's also an expense that I never really factored in!

Lastly... caffeine / booze are always welcome because if I'm honest, blogging can involve some long ol' days!!!