Seeing as I am one, I think I'm allowed to say that most women are notoriously difficult. In so many ways but especially so when it comes to present giving / receiving. We're the kind of people who say "no, honestly love, I really don't want anything" but in our heads we're thinking "well... there was that really gorgeous eyeshadow palette in Space NK the other day... and that cashmere beanie... and....etc". But of course, we would never say those things out loud. 

Throughout my teenage years, my parents bought me some pretty questionable gifts - sorry mum & dad to shame you like this, and not to sound tooooo ungrateful, but CAT TIGHTS and NECKLACES THAT LOOK LIKE CARROTS just ain't my cuppa tea. Ever since, I find it's always best to write out a mini list to pass across to your nearest and dearest so that there are no awkward eyebrow raises or excruciatingly obvious fake smiles come Christmas morning. I'm the first to ask my family what they'd like for Christmas because I really do love spoiling people and want them to be genuinely happy with the gifts they're receiving. Of course, it's always nice to throw in a couple of surprises along the way... but if those go wrong, they're not as crushing if they're in addition to some other great gifts that you know that person wants / needs. 

Bear in mind that every woman is different and we all have slightly different tastes, so tailor this guide to your girlfriend / wife / mum / friend (so on, so forth) and also to your individual budgets. Saying that, I've tried really hard to cover a wide variety of items and personally, I'd be overjoyed if I received any of the below! So, here goes...

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Beauty products, oh beauty products... I'm a sucker for all things beauty related all year round, but especially so over the festive period when the packing is even more delectable. High-end makeup is always something that I tend to put on my list because it's not necessarily something I feel I can justify spending money on myself throughout the year. A real treat. 


The same as above, a good bit of skincare or body-care is always very much welcome especially throughout the colder months when we could all use that extra bit of TLC.


Accessories. Every woman loves an accessory. This category is always my fail-safe when I'm buying for a loved one because you can never have enough hats / scarves / bags / diamonds (kiddin, sorry mum you're not getting diamonds!)


I'm genuinely a book hoarder, it's becoming a bit of a problem. Let's just say that the small, aesthetically pleasing pile on my bedside table is no longer aesthetically pleasing. Here's a selection of a few that either I already own or would like to own... (p.s. the pink theme wasn't intentional but we'll roll with it anyway!)


Whether you're buying for someone who owns their own home, or just has a room, there are always nice little ways to spruce up a space and personally, home gifts are some of my absolute favourite.


Presents are lovely (obviously) but if I'm honest, there's nothing I love more than doing something special with a loved one. The older i'm getting, the less I care about the material things, but I just want to spend quality time with the people closest to me. For example, for my birthday this year, my mum took me to a really lovely spa and it was probably one of my absolute favourite days ever. I've spent the last 25 years collating a bunch of stuff, and of course am lucky enough to be in a position to buy most of the things I'd like... but it's very rare that I'm able to take a whole day off to do something fun! Of course, everyones tastes are different so whether it's booking a hot air balloon trip or going for a nice afternoon tea somewhere, there's always something nice to be doing together. All I'll say is that those memories will last a lot longer than a candle...


I really hope you've found this gift guide helpful! Ladies, pass it on to your significant others / parents / Santa... and gents, I hope this means that you won't be dashing off to the high-street on Christmas Eve to pick up a lousy gift voucher! 

Stay tuned for the next gift guide on Monday. It's. All. About. The. Guys.