Generally speaking, thigh-high boots have an unfairly bad rap due to the fact that if not worn properly, it's very easy to veer into Pretty Woman territory. There's just something about them that oozes sex appeal and although they're probably the most daunting item in my wardrobe, they're also the most coveted because they seem to make every single outfit that little bit more fabulous.


Despite the connotations, the fact that the style keeps coming back every time the temperatures dip says something and in turn, designers and high-street stores have continued to produce different styles to keep us hooked. It took me many years of yearning to finally take the plunge but last year, I found this pair on Public Desire and instantly fell in love. After a season of wearing them and doing a lot of street style stalking on Instagram and Pinterest, I feel even more comfortable integrating them into my everyday wardrobe.





If you have reservations, I'd suggest that like me, you start off with plain, safe black iterations as they're the most versatile. However, if you wanna go in head first into the more adventurous realms, designers like Balenciaga are offering more daring colour variations and fabrics - think red patent leather or embellished suede.

What I love most about them is that they really are a timeless buy; there aren't many items that work quite as hard as a pair of knee-high boots. Reliable, versatile and chic... they're just as brilliant at elevating basics as they are for adding an unexpected twist to more dressier evening attire. They look equally as great paired with skinny jeans and a blazer as they do with a floaty dress and tights, or why not try pairing yours with a jumper dress or even a white-tee and mini skirt. The options really are endless and as long as you wear them with confidence, you'll win everyone over.

Below I'm going to outline some of my favourite options available right now; some are more classic whereas others are a bit more on the 'woah' side - in a good way! Click on each image to head to the website.


Now... which pair to pop on my Christmas list?! A girl can never have too many pairs of boots! ;)