Before this year, I always played it suuuuuuper safe with my shoe collection but this year I've ventured out of my black boots comfort zone and have dabbled into a couple of items that are let's say, for me, a bit wilder. One of which are the infamous shoe of the season; red statement ankle boots. 


I'd forgive you for thinking that red ankle boots can look a little tacky and be somewhat impractical, but it turns out that postbox-red boots are set to be this year's surprise standout shoe style. And if done properly, they can look really stylish and add a fun element to your everyday style. Fashion Week showcased an array of styles; Fendi, Valentino, Balenciaga, Isabel Marant and many more exerted armies of models in bright, bold red boots, made the very decision for us in that very moment – you need red boots this Autumn / Winter. As much as I was hooked, my subconscious always comes into play with more daring items and asks the (somewhat) reasonable, hard-hitting questions such as "How can I wear them?" "How many times can I wear them?" "Will they work with my everyday clothes?" 


As you can see, I took the plunge so clearly I was able to answer those questions adequately. Over the years, I've learned that I'm a 'one standout item at a time' kinda gal and injecting a little bit of pazazz into my outfits has to be done on a smaller scale. I tend to invest in one trend item; a pair of shoes, a coat, a blazer... and work around said item with other classic, timeless pieces from my wardrobe so that they remain the main focus.

For this look, I paired these Topshop red boots with a pair of denim MOM jeans - blue denim and red is a fail-safe winning colour combo - a slogan tee and a tailored black coat. The other elements let the boots sing and I was really pleased with the overall effect as it still feels quite classic in shape and style.

And well, if all else fails, let's just call them a festive purchase... ;)