I'm all for a bargain. In fact, I live for a bargain. However, with a lot of trial and error, I've learnt that there are definitely a few key wardrobe essentials worth investing in. The item we're talking about today... A good ol' white t-shirt. 

I know what you're thinking: white t-shirts are one of the easiest things to style. They're probably one of the very few items that legitimately go with everything. But the fact that they're "so easy" is the exact reason why finding fresh ways to wear them is so important. White tees often get lost in the mix alongside our shinier, more exciting tops; and at times, we resort to them as "easy fixers", rather than standout pieces.

What we should be doing, though, is thinking of white tees as closet staples that can give an edgy outfit an anchor. They're a digestible basic that, with the right pieces, can look cooler than anything else you own. Why? Because they're simple, effortless, and help to ground your look when you're feeling a little bit fashun. Take this look for example; this gorgeous checked blazer from Zara would have lost all of its individual charm and 'wow factor' if it wasn't to be paired with a simple white t-shirt. I bow down to the ladies that can make print clashing work, but for us less experienced (or less daring) sticking to staples is often the best choice. 






And that's the thing, whether you’re a minimalist who is content with wearing hers tucked into boyfriend jeans, a model-off-duty lover who likes to layer it underneath a biker jacket with ripped skinnies, or even pairing it with more evening dressier pieces to 'casual up' a look, everyone can find a place for a white t-shirt in their wardrobe.

So, with that in mind, why do we shy away from spending money on such a key item? I feel like people fit into two categories; there are the people who don't see the point in investing in such a simple piece and so turn to lower end high-street iterations, and then there's the other kind of people who really understand the importance of quality and longevity in an item and so don't mind spending a bit more on something that will last and continue to serve you well.

For years, I used to find myself reaching for cheap £7 versions from H&M or the like, but then would foolishly never understand why they wouldn't hang right on my body, or would go see-through, or wouldn't last 4 washes before losing shape completely. I'd repurchase the same quality of t-shirt every couple of months before one day thinking WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?! 

From that day forward, I started my love affair with higher priced, and better quality white t-shirts and truthfully, I've never looked back since. I'm not here to tell you what to spend your money on, and I obviously don't judge anyone who still chooses to spend just a couple of £ on their version, but I can only tell you that from my experience, higher priced items tend to fit a lot better, the materials are of a nicer quality, they wash exceptionally well and last a lot longer than just a season. With so many styles and fits on the market, from V-necks to more relaxed boyfriend styles, try a load on and see which you think would fit best for your shape and style. 

Below I'm going to show you two of my go-to places to find quality white t-shirts. Click on each image to be taken to the website!



So there ya go, there's my roundup! Do you like to invest in white t-shirts already or do you think this piece has swayed you to think twice about doing so next time? Go on... I promise you won't regret it.