I still can't quite believe that we're in November. Like whaaaaaaat. When the hell did that happen?! I swear I was sipping some sort of fruity cocktail on a rooftop bar a week or two ago and now we're fast approaching Elf season. It's fine, I'm allowed to say that now that Halloween is out the way!!! The countdown has well and truly begun.


In true cliche manner, I took a stroll via the park today, kicking my way through the rusty autumnal leaves and I thought about what I'd achieved this year. It's definitely been a year of BIG changes for me; some good, some bad... but I realised that whilst I had been focusing on these big changes, I had forgotten to focus my attention on all of the little things I had wanted to achieve this year too. 

If you read my recent post all about the importance of making time for yourself, you'll know I said that when your life is technically your work, it can be very very difficult to create a separation. This is also very much true when it comes to setting myself goals; I seem to have gotten so wrapped up in the goals set by 'influencer' Jasmine - hitting x amount of followers on Instagram, x amount of email subscribers etc etc, that I've forgotten about the goals and wishes that the real life Jasmine also wants to achieve. 

So, with two months to go before this year ends, I best start cracking on. I thought it'd be nice to share with you a couple of things that'll be making the list... (plus then you can all send me abuse if I don't manage to tick them all off!)



Shadow of the Wind is probably one of my all-time favourite books. Ever. I'm an avid reader and love exploring new genres, authors and subtexts, but there are definitely a handful of books that I reach for over and over again. Shadow of the Wind is definitely one of those and I try to read it every couple of years. Each time I do, I take away a completely different meaning or uncover so much more than I had the previous time. It's the kind of book that just keeps on giving and I can't wait to read it again!


I absolutely adore every single part of travelling; flying, exploring different cultures, meeting new people, trying new cuisines etc. It all fascinates me. I've been really lucky to have had the opportunity to travel to some really amazing places over the years, but this year, I've sadly not ticked off as many places as I would've liked. I wrote a blog post at the beginning of the year outlining my 'bucket list' places to visit for this year and I don't think I've ticked off any from that list. And I call myself a 'travel blogger' - oops! After a whirlwind of a year, I definitely think I deserve a little mini-break over the next couple of months! Where do you suggest I go?


Blogging has given me so much joy and has helped me express myself in a completely new and different way, but, despite it's plus points, it's also given me some of the most stressful days I've probably ever experienced in my life. I won't start moaning, mainly because I wouldn't change it for the world, but I do need to learn to control my stress better in order to remain focused and also not to take my stress out on those closest to me. If I'm brutally honest, I never really 'got' meditating and would even go as far to say that I definitely raised an eyebrow at the thought of taking part, but after being convinced to download the Headspace app, I have well and truly been converted. I want to start meditating a lot more regularly and if I can, find a way to introduce it into my daily routine. 


At the beginning of the year, I said that I wanted a new hobby or that I wanted to learn something new. Well, something that would definitely come in handy, for personal use but also for this blog is how to use a camera properly. It's actually quite shameful to admit to how useless I am; I know none of the fancy photography jargon, let alone what any of the different settings on my camera actually do, so yeah... probably about time I got to grips with how it all works. I actually downloaded a free photography course with Udemy so fingers crossed you'll start seeing much better photography by me on here soon!


I am seriously shoddy at all things self-care. I don't use body cream and I also often eat cold baked beans from the can for dinner because I'm lazy. I can't believe I just admitted that - please don't judge me too much. I really want to start looking after myself a bit more; eating better, drinking more water, exercising more regularly, looking after my skin... you know the drill. More 'me time', more downtime and much more self-care. 


So there ya go, it's all in writing and you now have every right to slap that can of beans out of my hands haha. Or hide the tin opener, whichever is easiest. Do you have any goals you'd like to achieve by the end of the year? I'd love to know!


P.S. Photos by Ben Palmer.