News flash: fashionably late ain’t so fashionable anymore. These days, punctuality is all the rage, which means now’s the time to snag a super-chic watch. We've been told our whole lives that diamonds are a girls best friend. Well... we best change those lyrics because whenever I scroll through my Instagram feed, long gone are the days of diamonds, they've been replaced by sleek, classic watches.

Not only are they a great fashion accessory, they can also help a millennial girl (or guy) through the trials and tribulations of every day life. E.G. Making sure you've got maximum happy hour time, counting down the minutes until it's deemed socially acceptable to text back a potential love interest and y'know, in true English style, meticulously timing your brew in order to reach optimum levels of 'aaaaaaaah, perfection!'

Growing up, I never really understood what all the fuss was about with watches. That was until the Michael Kors rose gold phenomenon happened and every girls dream was to own one. I was instantly head over heels and begged and begged (and begged) my Dad until he finally caved and bought me my very own. Thanks Dad. Ever since, I've always made sure to have a watch on my arm and have built up quite the collection. All very different but all equally as special. The one I'm wearing below was gifted to me from the lovely people at Christian Paul and I absolutely adore it! They have a great range so make sure to go and check them out.


With Christmas coming up, I thought it'd be a nice opportunity to show you some of my other favourites available right now so you can pop them on your lists to Santa - or even treat your someone special to a new bit of arm candy. Click on each image to be taken to their site!

They're all so beautiful! Which one is your favourite?


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