I'd like to start out by saying that I know I'm not fat - I think it's very important for me to highlight that before I start waffling on.

Blue jeans. For many, they're a wardrobe staple but for years and years, I genuinely had slight anxiety toward even the thought of wearing them. I'd walk straight past them in the shops, heading straight toward the plain, safe, black iterations. Black jeans made me feel secure, invisible and most importantly, slimmer.

Let's just say, I didn't always look this way. You know how people say they have an ugly duckling stage? Well, for me, that lasted for a good decade - at the very least. That paired with the fact that I was quite heavily overweight, thanks to copious amounts of Nutella and other sweet treats, didn't help with my perpetual self-loathing.

For so many years I worried, stressed and despaired about my weight. I lost weight, gained weight, lost it and gained even more again. I dieted, exercised and calorie counted to the point where I was simply not a fun person to be around. When out for dinner, I would begrudgingly order limp salads whilst my loved ones devoured pizza. I would take cringe ab shots in the mirror to document my progress, yet, even at my smallest size, I still would pick apart every inch of my body. I made myself - and others around me - miserable. 

Well, one morning I woke up and said, NO MORE. I was done with obsessing over the colour codes on every nutrition label. I was done with cancelling dinner plans with friends in order to fit in that extra gym session. I was done with punishing my body. And instead, I started a journey of self-care and confidence.

 I'm not writing this post to fish for compliments but to celebrate the fact that for the first time in a very long time, I'm starting to not only like, but also appreciate the body I'm in. The turning point? I can vividly remember buying my first pair of blue jeans as an adult. With so many denim styles out thereβ€”skinny, straight, wide-leg, girlfriend, boyfriend and everything in-betweenβ€”it can be difficult to pinpoint the best denim for your body shape and that was the problem, I never felt like anything made me feel confident. That was until I put on my first pair of Topshop Jamie jeans. They were revolutionary - made even better by the fact that I could get them over my ankles haha. They're now a core part of my weekly wardrobe and I genuinely feel really blimmin' fabulous in them. They fit like a glove but like one of those super fancy leather numbers. 


To say that I always have absolute confidence in my body would be a lie. Of course I have days where I shudder in horror over blog photos where I've been caught at an unflattering angle which showcase a few more chins than I'd like. Of course I still suck in my belly a bit as I prance around in my underwear. And of course, when I sit down in the bath, I am met with a slight sense of disappointment. However, those days are few are far between.