Just when you thought that nothing was sexier than a man in a suit, well... BAM, here come the ladies and we're upping the anti. It really is the ultimate drool-worthy scenario. 

Suits have been on the agenda for several seasons now, but this A/W they're losing the stuffiness of the boardroom and getting eclectic. From retro corduroy to slinky, Seventies-style velvet, they're statement-making rather than that 'every day bore', and better still, many are appealingly affordable.

Over LFW, it was pretty hard to find a runway that didn’t feature some form of power suiting. The selection was varied, including everything from boldly patterned pieces to more conventional pieces with an exaggerated twist. Feeling inspired from the runways, and subsequent street style online, I took a long hard look at my wardrobe and put together this outfit. I haven't yet invested in a full on suit - however I may have to after this post - but I have quite a few blazers and I think that this white number works really well with this tailored, simple jumpsuit. That's the thing, if you don't want to go the whole hog, you don't have to and it's quite nice to mix and match different pieces that you already have in your wardrobe.

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jumpsuit - asos 



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When it comes to how to wear a suit; of course nothing works better than a crisp shirt, but some of the bravest suit-wearers are ditching tops altogether and wearing their jackets buttoned or belted. Cheeky stuff. If a flash of décolletage feels too eyebrow-raising for your daily style, a lacy bralette is equally as sexy.

While there's nothing more obviously tragic than an ill-fitting suit, there's also nothing more polished than one that…well, suits you. Regardless of your spending status, what's most important is that the suit looks like it was tailored to fit you and only you. Moreover, quality suits can get pretty expensive, so choose wisely before you lay down your cash or rest assured, the high street offer some really great options - of which I'm going to show you below. Whether your suit collection is looking for an upgrade or a new launching pad, I'm certainly ready to get down to business and follow suit (pun fully intended ha!)

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