I know I'm a few days late with this but... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

When the end of December rolls around, I'm always quite hesitant to set myself New Years resolutions. This is mainly because generally speaking I think they can put a lot of pressure and angst on people try and obtain whichever goals, achievements or changes they choose to make for the upcoming year.

People really need to quit crying because they caved and scoffed a chocolate digestive; it's seriously not the end of the world. However, for me, it's always the whole packet of chocolate digestives.

I don't believe that self improvement should be so rigid or structured; that often leads to failure, disappointment and regret. None of which I want to feel! I'm much more about the journey and from experience, growth takes time. Also, who actually believes in that whole 'new year, new me' mumbo jumbo?! 

Saying that, there are a few things that I'd like to do differently this year...


I'm the absolute worst for this. I'm all for standing my ground, especially when I'm right about something. However, I waste a lot of time being angry (over something usually quite trivial) because I'm too stubborn for my own good. It must be the German in me. This year I want to work on that a lot more and hopefully find a happy medium.


This is completely natural and I'm pretty sure everyone does it in some way or another. I've spent so much of my life thus far comparing relationships, friends, achievements, body image etc to friends, peers, celebrities, online influences, the photo-shopped women in magazines... and it's really not healthy. I need to learn to accept that everyone is different and that's totally okay.


Laughter is the cure to all my woes so I'm going to make sure I do a lot more of it this year.


Saving can be hard full stop, let alone when you live in London and also rent in one of the most expensive parts of the city. I wouldn't sacrifice any of that, however I do want to try and be a bit more conscious with how I spend my money and really try and put a little bit more money away each month. I would like to own a house of my own one day but that seems a bit impossible as it stands. Tesco are right; every little helps.


I have quite a busy social life and whilst I'm living in London I make an effort to explore it and experience everything it has to offer. That aside, I don't really have any proper hobbies. I don't think you can call eating out / sipping on cocktails a hobby can you. I do have a gym membership and do really enjoy going so I'll make sure to continue that but blogging may just be my new hobby.


I really want to try and educate myself a lot more this year; whether that be through travel and exploring new cultures, doing a course through my work to develop my skillset or even learning a new language. Travelling definitely sounds the most appealing right now.

And the most important one...


I'm almost (kind of) twenty-five and I've only just got a Boots Advantage Card. For someone that's been shopping in Boots since I was about thirteen this is absolutely insane and I can't believe nobody slapped my wrist over it. I have made sure to use it with any recent purchases so let's see how long it lasts and also see what goodies I can buy with all the points!!!


How did you all spend your NYE? Mine was a touch less glam than previous years; I'd had my wisdom tooth removed the day before so was stuck indoors. I still had a great evening with the people I love and even managed a sip or two of gin whilst in my PJ's (see main image) - what more could a girl want?!