I guess a good place to start is to talk about me. Don't worry, I won't bore you with my life story but thought I'd share ten facts about Jasmine Cecilia Jonas that you may - or may not - find interesting. 


I love eating out but can easily get stuck in a rut (e.g. I could easily eat the squid at Busaba Eathai daily) so I decided to set myself a rule to try at least one new restaurant a month. Of which I'll be reviewing for you. 


Black jeans are my wardrobe staple. I'm forever buying feminine floaty skirts, as well as tailored trousers, but will forever fall back on my trust black high waisted jeans.


Thanks my diverse heritage, I'm multi-lingual. This is beneficial in many ways but most importantly, I can eavesdrop on lots of conversations whilst on the London Underground. 


I'm probably the most impatient woman in the whole of London. Proven by the fact that I was born 10 weeks early and my poor Mother almost gave birth to me in Sainsbury's. Seems fitting seeing as that's where I now do my weekly shop.


I have a very mixed taste in music; my shuffle can go from Tracy Chapman to Craig David in a second. Anything screamo doesn't do it for me though. 


Rome is my second home. My parents are divorced - which when I was younger sucked a bit - but now it means that I can travel to and from Rome whenever I like. I love everything about the city and somehow still manage to discover new parts / areas whenever I go. 


I absolutely love cooking and you'll often find me nose deep in a cook book salivating over the images. I feel very much at home in front of the stove - mainly because I'm a self confessed control freak - however, my eating habits are a bit of a joke. One morning you'll find me at the kitchen table with a green juice and acai bowl and the next morning I'll be inhaling a bacon sandwich. I've finally got to the point in my life where I've realised that balance really is key. 


I'm very selective with my friends and am lucky to surround myself with people who are constructive, loving and most importantly, a great laugh. If you can make me cry with laughter - you're in. 


I'm overly competitive when it comes to any kind of game - board, sport, card, life etc etc and have a bit (a lot) of a sulk if I lose. My family and boyfriend have learnt the hard way that it's probably best for me not to partake. 


Once you break me in, you'll quickly learn that all the 'icky' love stuff does it for me. I'm a true romantic at heart. Flowers - tick. Rom Com's - tick. Happily ever afters - tick. You get the gist. 

There you go, now you know a touch more about me. Any questions or observations, I'm all ears.